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A 185nm UV Lamp generates ultraviolet energy at 185nm which is proven to effectively produce ozone, a natural sanitizer and deodorizer. A 185 nm UV light produces UV energy in wavelengths shorter than 220 nm which decompresses oxygen, O², to produce ozone, O³. UV germicidal lamps are designed to emit the most effective wavelength of UV radiation, measured in nanometers (nm). 185 nm lamps produce ozone, while 254 nm is an optimal wavelength to target the DNA of viruses, fungi and bacteria.

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Ultraviolet radiation is proven to instantly penetrate the cells of harmful, disease causing microorganisms and rearrange the genetic material to render the cell unable to replicate. These harmful germs including protozoa and algae are unable to reproduce and are considered dead. UV germicidal lamps are proven to be highly effective in many surface, air and water disinfection applications with 185 nm ozone lamps providing many benefits.

Low Pressure and Medium Pressure Germicidal Lamps

The two main types of UV germicidal lamps are low pressure and medium pressure Mercury discharge lamps. Some low pressure germicidal lamps will look very similar to typical fluorescent lamps although the glass tube does not contain a fluorescent phosphor. The glass is also made of either soda lime glass or fused quartz as opposed to an ordinary borosilicate glass in typical fluorescent lamps.

This is to allow the optimum wavelength produced by a Mercury arc of either 185nm or 254nm of UV light to pass through unmodified. Low-pressure Mercury discharge lamps will still produce a visible light due to Mercury radiation bands.

Medium pressure Mercury discharge lamps look very similar to a high intensity discharge (HID) lamps and produce a broadband of UVC radiation rather than a single, narrow band line. These broadband UVC germicidal lamps produce a bright bluish white light and are common in many industrial water treatment applications due to the intense radiation source.

Low Pressure Amalgam UV Lamps

Low pressure Amalgam UV lamps provide stable performance over a wide range of ambient temperature changes with 3 to 4 times higher power density. Amalgam lamps are preferred for long-term applications and are available with either spot or pellet Amalgam technology. Spot Amalgam technology uses Mercury Amalgam applied to the inner surface of the lamp, whereas pellet Amalgam technology has Mercury Amalgam on the outside of the lamp arc.

Amalgam lamps provide some benefits over other lamps with the vapor pressure controlled by location and composition of Amalgam and allow for higher lamp current operation with robust filaments.

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Low Pressure Amalgam Lamps

Ozone Producing 185 nm UV Lamp Benefits

Ozone Air PurificationOzone Carries Through the Air

Ozone producing 185 nm UV lamps offer additional benefits and are required to oxidize specific organic compounds. One of the major advantages of ozone disinfection lamps is that ozone is carried through the air to places where UV radiation does not directly reach. 185 nm UV light is used in many UV air purification systems to effectively sanitize and clean the air in many HVAC systems.

Ozone Water Purification – Stronger than Chlorination

185 nm lamps are also very common in many water sterilization applications. Ozone is proven to be very effective over a wide range of pH environments and reacts quickly with viruses, bacteria and protozoans. Ozone provides a very strong oxidizing power and a short reaction time, with stronger germicidal properties then chlorination in many applications. Ozone does not add harmful chemicals to the water and eliminates many protozoans the chlorine does not such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

Ozone Oxidation Powerful Water Disinfection

Also provides excellent oxidation in disinfection properties which makes it popular in drinking water treatment systems. 185 nm lamps are convenient in that ozone may be added to water treatment systems at several points such as during pre-oxidation, intermediate and final disinfection treatment processes. Ozone water disinfection is used worldwide in many applications including ballast water treatment systems for ships which are globally enforced to protect the planet’s oceans.

185nm UV Lamps from LightSources

LightSources and LightTech offer 185nm UV lamps manufactured with high-quality quartz glass. The type of fused quartz used to make the envelope, or the bulb, of the germicidal lamp determines the wavelength of UV emissions. Ozone is an extremely effective deodorizer and active oxidizer, destroying microorganisms on contact. The LightSources Group offers Very High (VH) UV germicidal lamps which produce UV energy at 185nm as well as Low (L) lamps which produce 254nm.

Our L lamps are designed with a specially doped fused quartz to prohibit the emission of 185 nm, while our VH lamps are designed with clear fused quartz to allow the emission of energy at 185 nm. These 185 nm UV lights are found in a wide range of air treatment systems and water sterilization applications. VH lamps are effective in reducing total organic compounds (TOCs) and are commonly used in HVAC UV air purification systems.

LightSources and LightTech offer UV germicidal lamp solutions for any application, with a wide range of patented, high-tech lamp products as well as custom designed solutions available. We design, engineer and manufacture lamps with two types of quartz spliced together to produce specific amounts of ozone. Our ozone disinfection lamps provide many benefits including:

  • High-quality quartz glass construction
  • Effective deodorization and oxidation
  • Customized proprietary design options available
  • Effective in a wide range of air and water sterilization applications

The combined strengths of LightTech in Europe with LightSources in the United States allows the LightSources Group the ability to support OEMs worldwide with vast resources and high-tech lamp solutions. By offering a wide selection of standard products as well as customized solutions, our clients maintain replacement sales within their OEM market for increased revenue and repeat business.

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The LightSources Group offers customized, proprietary lamps with unique advantages for the germicidal lamp industry. We are recognized for a commitment to all customers to exceptional service, research and development. Contact us for all your germicidal lamp needs including high performance 185nm UV lamp solutions.

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