uses for uv light

The uses for UV light include a broad range of applications in commercial, industrial and healthcare settings. The type of applications that use UV lamps include the curing or drying of materials such as inks and coatings; disinfection for viruses and bacteria; hygiene and infection control; fluorescent inspection; and tanning.

Germicidal Lamps

Today, germicidal UVC light applications are the first choice for many industries worldwide that require water, air or surface sterilization. One example is in the food industry where UV lamps are used to provide safe and effective surface disinfection in a process called irradiation. The highly efficient process is used in applications such as to prolong shelf life, preserve nutritional value, and reduce health hazards by sterilizing pathogens. Moreover the UVC technology typically complies with strict local codes and FDA safety regulations.

Water Applications

UV lamps also provide a safe, efficient way to treat water without the need to use harmful chemicals that create pollution in rivers, oceans and other bodies of water. UV lamps are cost-effectively used for water purification in water reclamation, waste water, drinking water, industrial and commercial process water, pool and spa, aquaculture and life sciences applications.

Surface and Air Disinfection Uses for UV Light

Many hospitals safely and easily use UV lamps for sterilizing surgical equipment as well as the air in operating rooms. Also germicidal lamps are successfully used in air conditioning systems of medical and other facilities as a method to sterilize pathogens that cause illness, and contaminants that can aggravate asthma or other respiratory ailments.

UV Curing

Another common use of UVC technology is UV curing lamps that work by creating a photochemical reaction to instantly cure adhesives, coatings, inks, varnishes, decorative glazes and lacquers. UV lamps also are used for tanning and backlighting.

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