LightSources and our affiliate companies, LightTech, LCD Lighting, Voltarc, and Cerlux, together represent the leading, high-tech light bulb suppliers in the lighting industry.  The LightSources group is set apart from the competition with vast global resources, a wide range of UV and fluorescent light bulbs, custom and prototype development capabilities, and a team of highly skilled lamp designers and engineers.

Innovative Light Bulb Suppliers

LightSources has been delivering innovative, first-to-market lamp solutions since 1983, fulfilling our vision for more than 40 years to offer lamps and lighting products manufactured with cutting-edge design and engineering to OEMs globally. Our proprietary technology extends lamp life and performance to outlast and outperform many comparable lamps from other light bulb suppliers with long life and shatter protection technology.

Our innovative technologies include:Light Bulb Suppliers 1

LongLife+™ – a specialty coating that extends lamp life up to 16,000 hours.

Shatter ProTech – provides shatter resistant protection to reduce injuries and system damage and prevents mercury contamination.Light Bulb Suppliers 2

We are committed to providing the best possible lamps and lighting solutions to meet our customers’ needs. LightSources offers validation services such as controlled production lots, beta site testing, and specially designed samples to support our customers’ specific requirements.

Our research and development teams continuously strive to improve the quality, performance, and efficiency of all our light bulbs and lighting products. This is how LightSources stays at the forefront of innovative lamp developments, allowing us to passionately and rapidly respond to emerging trends and technologies in all lighting industries and applications.

Light Bulb Supplier with Global Resources

LightSources employs more than 1,000 employees worldwide as we continue to provide exceptional customer service and support. Our state-of-the-art glass factory in Europe allows our lamp engineers to design, engineer, and manufacture a large range of specialty lighting technologies with flexibility and quick delivery. With sales, manufacturing, and distribution locations in North America, Europe, and China, LightSources is regarded as one of the top light bulb suppliers in the industry worldwide.

Standard And Customized Light Bulb Suppliers

The LightSources group is recognized by OEMs worldwide as one of the top light bulb suppliers to deliver standard and customized fluorescent and UV lamp products. We have the ability to meet the individual application needs of OEMs by providing standard and custom straight lamps and specially-designed bent lamps.  LightSources manufacturers high-quality standard and custom fluorescent lamps that utilize the most advanced coating and processing technologies.  Our engineers possess deep technical knowledge of UV radiation and offer capabilities to create custom phosphor blends to meet specific nanometer emissions.

Our many lightbulb types and products include:light bulb suppliers

  • UVC quartz and soft glass germicidal lamps
  • Low Pressure Mercury Germicidal Lamps
  • Standard Output Quartz
  • High Output Quartz
  • Compact Quartz and Softglass
  • Standard and High Output Softglass
  • Low Pressure Amalgam Lamps
  • Medium Pressure Ultraviolet Lamps (MPUV)
  • UVC Ozone Lamps
  • Specialty lamps
  • Quartz Sleeves
  • Electronic Ballasts

We offer these lamp products and many others. If you do not see the type of lamp you are looking for, reach out to one of our engineers for assistance in choosing the best type of lamp or lamps to meet your needs.

Light Bulb Suppliers for any IndustryLight Bulb Suppliers 3

Lamps from LightSources are found in a wide range of applications worldwide.  We provide lighting solutions for many industries and applications including:

  • UVC germicidal applications for:
    • Air purification
    • Water disinfection
    • Surface sterilization
  • Tanning lamps
    • More than half a dozen lamp types with proprietary technology such as Multitone™, and Peak2®. LightSources provides tanning lamp solutions including high pressure facial and low pressure tanning lamps.Light Bulb Suppliers 4
  • UV curing lamps
    • Medium Pressure UVA Curing
    • High Pressure Curing Lamps
    • Low Pressure UVC Amalgam Curing
  • Proprietary bases and socketsLight Bulb Suppliers 5
    • Completely customizable with any Pantone color and rapid prototyping
  • Medical phototherapy lamps
  • Ballast water treatment lamps
  • Cinematography lamps
  • Specialty fluorescent lamps
  • Sign lamps
  • Horticulture lamps
  • Backlighting
  • Lampholders and wiring devices
  • High CRI specialty color long-life fluorescent lamps

The LightSources group has the expertise and state-of-the-art resources to design, engineer and test as well as to deliver custom light bulbs that meet the most stringent requirements.  For more than 40 years, we have offered OEMs of any size cutting-edge design, engineering and manufacturing of a variety of UV and specialty fluorescent lamps for virtually all industrial applications.

UV Germicidal Lamps
UV Germicidal Applications

LightSources and our affiliated companies, LCD Lighting, Voltarc along with strategic partners LightTech, and Cerlux represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today.  Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive services from one of the world’s leading light bulb suppliers.