LightSources and our esteemed affiliated companies proudly stand as the leading light bulb manufacturers and innovators within the high-tech light bulb industry.


Premier Light Bulb Manufacturers: Illuminating Excellence Worldwide

light bulb manufacturersOur global presence enables us to provide unparalleled international turnaround services, with robust manufacturing, sales, and distribution centers spanning North America and Europe, complemented by a strategic sales office in China. As esteemed pioneers in innovative bulb manufacturing, we cater to OEMs of all sizes, offering a diverse range of specialized lighting technologies and applications.

Unrivaled Portfolio of Lighting Excellence

We are experienced light bulb manufacturers for a wide range of applications with a diverse product lineup, as well as offering prototype and custom laLight Bulb Manufacturers 1mp development. Our comprehensive portfolio showcases an array of exceptional lighting solutions, including:

Custom-Designed Brilliance for Every Application

LightSources and our esteemed affiliates embody the premier choice for OEMs seeking tailor-made lighting solutions. The LightSources group continues to improve and expand upon our operational capabilities. One example is our commitment to getting customized lighting to our customers quickly and in the most cost-efficient manner, meeting diverse client needs with precision. LightSources’ specialty lighting sets the benchmark for industrial applications, offering unprecedented flexibility in custom solutions and swift turnarounds.

Light Bulb Manufacturers with Global Reach

Continuously evolving and enhancing our operational capabilities, we prioritize swift and cost-efficient delivery. Both LightSources and our affiliate, LightTech, offer an array of shipping options catering to diverse transportation needs, from road and rail to sea and air. Operating in over 60 countries across 6 continents, we adeptly manage transportation and customs documentation, facilitating seamless international import and export.

Elevating Industry Standards with Proprietary TechnologyLight Bulb Manufacturers 2

Our unwavering commitment to excellence shines through our proprietary technologies:

  • LongLife+™: Extending lamp lifespans and reducing replacements through energy-efficient design.
  • Shatter ProTech: Safeguarding lamps, operators, and environments with shatter-resistant technology, mitigating risks and enhancing safety.
  • Validation Support: Offering comprehensive support, from designated samples to beta site testing, ensuring optimum lamp performance.

Light Bulb Manufacturers 3Engineering a Radiant Future

To retain our leadership stance, our light bulb manufacturing research and development team consistently enhances the quality, efficiency, reliability, and performance of our UV lamps. Our standard and customized fluorescent and UV lamp products have gained global recognition, solidifying our position as a preferred light bulb manufacturer to OEMs worldwide. As one of the top innovative bulb manufacturers, we work with OEMs of any size and have the ability to produce a wide range of specialized lighting technologies and applications.

Unlocking Radiance Across IndustriesLight Bulb Manufacturers 4

Lamps from LightSources illuminate a wide spectrum of industries and applications, including:

  • UVC germicidal applications: Air purification, water disinfection, and surface sterilization.
  • Tanning lamps: Comprehensive solutions, from high-pressure facial to low-pressure tanning lamps.
  • UV curing lamps: Facilitating efficient curing processes across various applications.
  • Medical phototherapy lamps, ballast water treatment lamps, cinematography lamps, and more.

Explore our comprehensive array of lamp products, spanning from UVC germicidal lamps to high CRI specialty color long-life fluorescent lamps. If your specific requirements aren’t listed, our engineers are ready to guide you toward the ideal lighting solution. Our unmatched ability to flexibly supply specialized lighting on demand sets us apart from our competitors.

LightSources and our affiliated companies, LCD Lighting, and Voltarc, along with strategic partners LightTech, and Cerlux, represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today.  Each company in the LightSources group operates with state-of-the-art specialty lamp production equipment to comprise the world’s leading light bulb manufacturers.