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Ultraviolet (UV) light has been used worldwide to eliminate germs in the air, in water, and on surfaces including kitchen UV light solutions, where safe food handling and processing is critical for safety. UVC germicidal lamps are the key component in disinfection systems used in laboratories, hospitals, and water treatment applications such as providing safe drinking water to municipalities.

UV light plays an important role in food and beverage processing plants, restaurants, buffets, and kitchens where food safety is paramount to healthy eating. UV light used on food sources is called food irradiation and improves safety to consumers by preventing many foodborne illnesses such as Salmonella and E. Coli.

UV disinfection in kitchens and restaurants is gaining popularity with an increased awareness of providing disinfected environments, as well as safe food products. UV lamps are used in many commercial and residential kitchens to prevent the spread of disease by killing a wide range of bacteria and viruses.

UV disinfection equipment provides benefits to both commercial kitchens and residential kitchens in the home. Restaurant owners are embracing the use of UV light to improve the health and safety of patrons while homeowners protect their families with kitchen UV disinfection products.

Commercial Kitchen UV Light Solutions

Commercial kitchens can outfit UV disinfection equipment in the kitchen hood exhaust apparatus and also in overhead lights to disinfect surfaces. Restaurant owners have a responsibility to the public to provide food safe for consumption without causing illness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that consuming contaminated food causes 3,037 deaths each year in the U.S., along with more than 127,000 hospitalizations.

By incorporating UVC germicidal lamp products in commercial kitchens, restaurant owners can prevent the spreading of harmful bacteria and viruses, as well as prevent mold and mildew in cold damp places like walk-in freezers. This improves the comfort and health of patrons as well as helps compliance with health department regulations and inspections.

Residential Kitchen UV Light Solutions

As UV germicidal solutions gain popularity around the world, homeowners are also taking notice. In an effort to improve the health of their families, homeowners are turning to residential UV disinfection equipment for use in HVAC systems for air purification and surface treatment equipment. UVC robots are now available that roam across kitchen counters to instantly kill bacteria and viruses, without the use of harmful chemicals.

We use disinfectant sprays so much that we have become complacent, almost immune, to the warning labels on these chemicals. In an effort to reduce germs on our home surfaces, we spray chemicals that carry warning labels with phrases like “causes eye and skin irritation”, “hazardous to humans and domestic animals” and “use in a ventilated area”. Depending on the layout of your home kitchen and the outdoor environment, you may be unable to open windows to ventilate your kitchen or to keep away from children and pets.

Many anti-bacterial sprays have also been linked to causing diseases such as asthma, respiratory illnesses, hormone disruption, and damage to reproductive and central nervous systems. UV light is a safe and effective solution, proven to eradicate even stubborn viruses with minimal exposure.

Kitchen UV Light Benefits

The use of kitchen UV light systems provides many benefits to both commercial restaurants and residential kitchens in homes. Some of the many benefits recognized with UV disinfection solutions include:

  • Preventing secondary pollution by oxidizing most of the oil fumes to water molecules and carbon dioxide, which is then removed by the kitchen exhaust
  • Prevents flue fire hazards when UV light is used in the kitchen hood exhaust by removing residual grease in the pipeline
  • UV light disinfection systems run continuously without the need to close the kitchen
  • UV kitchen disinfection systems require minimal maintenance and provide long-lasting disinfection without replacement

UV light in kitchen exhaust systems is an excellent choice for kitchen renovations or remodeling and can be added to kitchen hoods without altering outer structural dimensions.

LightSources Supports UV Kitchen Disinfection Manufacturers

LightSources is a leading, global supplier of high-tech, high-performance UVC germicidal lamps found in a multitude of germicidal applications. We support OEMs large and small with quality lamps, custom-designed disinfection lamp products, and prototype solutions. Whether looking for high-quality UV disinfection lamps for manufacturing commercial or residential products, LightSources has the UVC lamp solutions to meet your needs.

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