UV light air conditionerWeighing the cost against the benefits, it is difficult to find a downside to installing a UV light air conditioner purification system in any commercial, industrial, municipal, medical, or residential building. UV germicidal light, specifically at the frequency of 253.7 nanometers (commonly referred to as 254 nm), effectively eliminates a host of pernicious microorganisms, such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, molds, spores, parasites, and dust mites.

The result is, at the very minimum, cleaner air for residents, employees, visitors, and others throughout the structure serviced by the air conditioner. In addition, UV germicidal lamps prevent build up on equipment which prolongs the useful life of air conditioning systems and enhances efficient operation.

UV Light AC System Proven to Reduce Fungi

UV light air conditioner purification systems provide many benefits and efficiencies. UV radiation is extremely effective at eliminating harmful pathogens that can collect on air conditioner units and spread through circulated air. In a recent scientific study evaluating the effectiveness of UV radiation to eliminate fungi in air handling units, a 286,000-square-foot office building in Oklahoma was equipped with a UV system on the main air handling units of two floors while two other floors had no lamps installed. Readings were taken from the study floor and the control floor to detect the concentration levels of mold and fungi since installation.

More than a dozen fungi species were present in May prior to installation of the UV system. When taken again in September, the readings on the floor with the UV system had decreased, while nearly every taxon increased its concentration on the control floor, in a couple of instances nearly 100-fold.

Health Benefits of UV Light for Air Conditioning Systems

UV lights in air handling units and air conditioner systems remove harmful pathogens from the units and from circulated air which provides significant health benefits. Some of the symptoms and ailments alleviated by the purified air include common colds; eye, nose, and throat irritation; allergies; headaches; nausea; COPD; bronchitis; asthma; lung infections; pulmonary disease; autoimmune deficiencies; and cancer.

The positive ripple effects of installing a UV air sterilization system are legion, and many of the benefits are long-term:

  • Freeing a workplace from airborne germs, pollutants, and irritants makes for a healthier workforce, and consequently decreases absenteeism and increases productivity.
  • UV purification systems have been proven to remove many industry-specific toxic chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced during business operations.
  • At 254 nm, the UV light produces no ozone, which can erode copper wiring and tubing. UVC ozone lamps are available that with proper installation, provide air sterilization and odor control.
  • UV light prohibits the accumulation of microorganisms, mold, and mildew that can clog the passageways of an AC system, making the motor work harder and shortening the useful life of the mechanics.
  • With the destruction of mold and mildew, their associated odors are eliminated.
  • The UV germicidal light system lowers energy costs by continuously cleaning the air conditioner components of mold and biofilms, particularly the coils, drain pans, and vent surfaces.
  • UV light systems are extremely low maintenance, saving time and money.
  • UV systems can work at optimum efficiency throughout a wide range of temperatures, from roughly 40°to 120° F (4° to 48° C). LightSources can custom-design systems to work in higher temperatures as required.

LightSources provides only the highest quality germicidal UVC lamps, proven to outlast and outperform comparable lamps. The experts at LightSources can help design the most effective and most economical UV lamps for air purification systems for use in any business, government facility, home, or other building.

UV Germicidal Lamps
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UV Germicidal Applications

LightSources is a leading global supplier of high-tech germicidal UV lamps in various sizes, types, and styles to suit any sterilization need. We are world leaders in supplying standard and custom UV light systems and high-quality germicidal lamps. Contact us to learn more about our germicidal lamps solutions including UV lights for air conditioners.

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