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Aristo Archive

Aristo Archive Lamps

Aristo Archive Lamps Since 1939 Aristo has served many markets. As of 2009 with the acquisition of Aristo into the Light Sources family, many products Aristo had been known for are no longer available. This listing of product information is to being put together on a best effort basis for those who have or may find Aristo’s quality products out in the market.

Aristo V54 Lamp Color for Black and White Photography

V54 Cold Lamp Color – Designed especially for Black and White Photography.


Aristo V54 Spectral Distribution Chart

Aristo V54 Spectral Distribution Chart


Aristo Lamp Colors, Spectral Distribution Charts

Aristo Lamp Colors and Typical Applications.


How Cold Light Heads Work

7 Advantages of Enlarging with Cold Light and How Cold Light Works – Cold Light vs. Condenser


57 Cold Light Head

Aristo 57 Cold Light Head for Enlargers: Elwood Solar 57 – 45.
Coverage: 4 x 5 inch
Aristo 57 Cold Light Head Information

67 Cold Light Head

Aristo Omega 67 Cold Light Head for Omega 67 Enlarger.
Coverage: 6 x 7 inch
Aristo 67 Cold Light Head

88 Series Cold Light Head Information

Aristo 88 Cold Light Head for Salzman 5 x 7 Enlargers
Coverage: 8 x 8 inch

601 Cold Light Head

Aristo 601 Cold Light Head for Durst 601 Enlarger.
Coverage: 3 x 3.5 inch.

Aristo 601 Cold Light Head

810 Series Cold Light Head Information

Aristo 810 Cold Light Head for EK Autofocus and Elwood Enlargers
Coverage: 8 x 10 inch

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