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Voltarc ELT Lamp Tester

Kulka-IS Series lampholders

Kulka T8 Socket Sentry

Safety Data Sheets

Voltarc Safety Data Sheet 1 – Trilight and Trilight Max

Voltarc Safety Data Sheet 2 – TUF-Straight-U-Lamp-and-XtraLong-Cool-White-USA

Voltarc Safety Data Sheet 3 – TUF-Straight-U-Lamp-and-XtraLong-Daylight-USA

Sign Light Marketing Materials

TriLight Max T8 LongLife Brochure

TriLight Max T12 LongLife Brochure

TriLight Max Lumens per Watt – (Halo Phosphor vs TriLight Max Phosphor)

Lumen Maintenance Curve TriLightMax T8 Electronic Ballast

Lumen Maintenance Curve TriLightMax T12 Electronic Ballast

Lumen Maintenance Curve TriLightMax T12 Electro-magnetic Ballast

Voltarc Electrode Masonlite Millennium

Voltarc Electrode Masonlite Millennium™ Bombarding & Pumping Procedure

Voltarc Fluorescent and Neon Tube Tester P/N 12600

Voltarc Lead Free Clear Glass Sign Tubing

Voltarc Neon Tubing CIE 1931 Color Space Values

Voltarc Tufstraight Lamp Specifications

Voltarc XtraLong & U-Bend Lamp Specifications

Handling of Broken Lamps

NEMA-Handling of broken lamps

NEMA-Proper Use and Disposal of Mercury-added Lamps 2012

RoHS and REACH Compliance Statement

Proposition 65 Letter

Regulations pertaining to Fluorescent Lamps

California Sign Association Weekly Q&A 01-09-2013  —Is it true that fluorescent T12 lamps are being phased out by the federal government?

EPACT Requirements 2011

California Title 20 Requirements 2011

California Title 24 Requirements 2011

Federal Register – July 2009