UUV ink curing systemsV Ink Curing Systems are specialty machines and equipment that use UV light to cure inks, adhesives or coatings onto various substrates.  When UV light is used at the proper wavelength, or nanometer (nm), and exposed to the specialty inks or coatings, a photochemical reaction occurs instantly drying the ink.  This UV curing occurs very quickly, providing a strengthened outer coating with a uniform finish.

Medium pressure UV (MPUV) lamps in the wavelength of 367nm to 400nm are extremely efficient in curing specialty inks, adhesives, bonds and coatings (varnishes, glazes and lacquers).  The LightSources Group provides UV lamps in the most effective wavelength for your application.

How UV Ink Curing Systems are Used

UV ink curing is used in many different commercial and industrial applications, providing an effective and efficient way to dry or cure inks during manufacturing processes.  For example, UV ink curing systems are used in screen printing machines providing an instant print and cure process all in one.  These sophisticated systems use vacuum systems to hold substrates in place while providing an all over 360° UV cure of flat or cylindrical products in many shapes and sizes.

UV lamps are used in curing systems for various industrial applications, curing inks, adhesives and coatings in manufacturing processes around the globe.  Medium pressure UV lamps can be used to cure coatings on various substrates, including plastic, glass, metal and wood.   Parts can be passed under UV lamps while on a conveyor, moving from one work station to another, while receiving a very important curing process along the way.

This efficient process eliminates the need for a labor intensive ink curing station, allowing high power UV lamps to do perform a vital finishing process.

Where are UV Curing Systems Used

UV ink curing systems are used in a wide array of commercial and industrial applications, providing a very effective curing process with maximum efficiency.  Some industrial applications for UV ink curing include:

  • Marketing – any type of printing on either flat or cylindrical products for target marketing and brand awareness
  • Packaging – quick drying of labeling on various packaged products including corrugated, plastic and glass
  • Automotive – UV ink curing provides instant drying of interior automotive components such as knobs and buttons
  • Aerospace – quick and effective curing of inks and adhesives create durable components
  • Medical – UV curing provides drying and disinfection in pharmaceutical and medical applications
  • Consumer Electronics – used for drying and adhesion in parts and components such as circuit boards, interior and exterior parts
  • Adhesive Bonding – used in several industrial applications
  • Instant curing of coatings such as varnishes, lacquers, glazes, and inks

LightSources has extensive experience providing superior UV lamps for all UV ink-curing systems used in virtually any application.  With in-depth knowledge of low-pressure, medium, and high-pressure UV radiation, our expert engineers are sure to provide you with the proper UV lamps for your application.

Benefits of UV Ink Curing Systems

There are many benefits of using UV ink curing systems over other methods such as heat curing, which can create noxious fumes and require expensive exhaust systems.  UV systems are less expensive to maintain than other systems. With high-performing UV lamps from LightSources, you will see a quick return on your investment, with long-lasting cost-efficient savings.

The photochemical reaction with UV curing happens so quickly there is minimal evaporation resulting in a consistent surface finish, compared with air and heat drying which allows for evaporation jeopardizing part integrity.  UV curing contributes to a superior quality product, satisfying customer specifications.

MPUV lamps by LightSources are ideal for high-speed production runs, where UV radiation of higher intensity is required for short exposure times.  Our lamps operate with more power, producing high currents for greater output.

The LightSources Group provides industries worldwide with high-performance UV lamps used in a multitude of applications including UV curing and UV germicidal lamps used for air, water and surface disinfection.

LightSources and our affiliated companies represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today.  Our products are used world-wide in a multitude of applications and industries such as our UV ink-curing system lamps that offer patent-protected, OEM-oriented solutions.  Please contact us to learn more about our large selection of specialty custom and standard lamps.

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