uv germ lightIf you’ve heard of a UV germ light and wondered just how effective it really is and how it works, read more to learn how a UV germicidal lamp really works.  Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is measured by wavelengths, referred to as nanometers (nm). Ultraviolet light is broken into UVA, UVB and UVC rays, based on how long the wavelengths are.  

UVA rays are found between 315nm and 400nm, UVB rays are between 280nm to 315nm, and UVC rays are shorter wavelengths measuring between 200nm to 280nm, with the most effective germicidal action found at precisely 254nm.   UV germ lights in the range of 254nm are proven to be highly effective in purification and sterilization applications, eradicating bacteria and viruses in the air, water and even on surfaces.  UVC radiation works by instantly altering the DNA of the organisms by penetrating the cells quickly within seconds of exposure. This instant exposure to UVC light renders these living cells completely harmless as they are unable to replicate.  

Short wave UVC light is the most effective type of UV radiation to damage cells, and is filtered by the atmosphere, never reaching the Earth’s surface. Shorter wave UVC light at 185nm is used in UVC ozone generating germicidal lamps, which is powerful UV radiation that actually eliminates odors in the air caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as sulfides, mercaptans and ammonia. By penetrating the nucleic acid of the cells, they are unable to multiply or reproduce to infectious numbers, leaving them to be considered dead and inactive.  UVC light in the short wave of 185nm decompresses oxygen, O², and produces ozone, O³.  Ozone is a powerful oxidizer which destroys microorganisms within seconds of exposure.

Many Benefits of UV Germ Light Technology

There are many benefits provided by using UV germ lights instead of other disinfection and sterilization methods.  UVC germicidal lamps comply with strict environment codes and regulations, as it is completely free of chemicals and environmentally friendly.  UV germicidal lamps do not contain corrosive materials or disinfection by-products (DBPs). UV radiation is safer technology without any hazardous side effects, providing a safe work environment for employees and eliminating the need to purchase, store and dispose of harmful chemicals.  UV radiation is also very cost effective, especially when using the right type of lamp designed for energy efficiency and long lasting high performance. UV sterilization systems provide ongoing cost savings with minimal maintenance required. UV water and air purification systems are powerful, effective and cost efficient.

LightSources Offers Powerful UV Germ Lights for High Performance

LightSources and our valued partner, LightTech in Europe, offer powerful UV germ lights that deliver long lasting, high performance. With our vast resources, we offer patented technology in first to market UV germicidal systems which deliver the most powerful UV radiation available, in safe and cost effective UV germ lights.  

Low Pressure Amalgam UV Germ Light

We offer Low Pressure Amalgam lamps which improve the stability of applications with ambient temperature fluctuations.  Our patented pellet and spot amalgam technology utilizes filaments specifically engineered to withstand high current operations. LightSources applies our patented LongLife+™ technology with a proprietary coating that eliminates accelerated depreciation commonly associated with high intensity lamps.  Our proprietary technology allows for extended operating life up to 16,000 hours while maintaining end-of-life UVC output up to 85%.

Low Pressure Mercury UV Germ Lamps

LightSources offers low pressure mercury UV germicidal lamps for a wide range of sterilization solutions.  We offer soft glass or quartz glass, ozone generating and ozone free lamps in standard or high output types.  Our soft glass, low pressure germicidal lamps can operate on lower currents in the range of 180 to 425mA, in either standard or high output styles with germicidal efficiency of 30%.   Quartz glass lamps are designed to transmit maximum UVC radiation with levels at or above 90%, at a precision 253.7nm for maximum germ killing effectiveness.  Also available in either standard or high output, and ozone generating or ozone free specifications. Quartz glass lamps provide additional durability over soft glass and are less susceptible to breaking.

High Output UVC Germ Lamps

LightSources offers standard and high output UVC lamps which use mercury vapor to produce the UVC light.  The mercury vapor collects at the “cold spot” on the lamp and produce maximum UVC output when reaching peak temperatures.  High output (HO) lamps operate at higher currents and input wattage of 600mA to 800mA, rather than the lower 425mA. HO lamps contain heavier filaments to carry higher electrical currents.  The filaments provide more control to the cold spot and allow for maximum UVC output. LightSources is committed to providing the most effective lamps which deliver the highest performance available in the most affordable and cost efficient design.  We are committed to continual improvement in all processes, offering patented products and proprietary technology designed to deliver maximum performance. Our skilled design engineers offer custom developed lighting solutions for virtually any lamp or lighting application.  We understand the technology behind the product, designing, engineering and manufacturing high-tech lamp solutions which deliver maximum benefits.

UV Germicidal Lamps
LAMP Applications:
UV Germicidal Applications

LightSources and our valued partners represent the leading high-tech designers of UVC germicidal lamps offering proven solutions with maximum performance and cost savings.  We offer vast resources to meet production schedules on time and offer quick prototyping with custom design solutions available. Contact us to learn more about our vast selection of proven germicidal solutions including the most effective UV germ light available.

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