Industrial UV Air SystemsOEMs across the globe utilize industrial UV air systems due to an increasing awareness of the importance of protecting our environment and the consequences when we do not. Clean air is at the front and center of those concerns and today’s advanced industrial UV air systems provide a broad range of industries with the perfect solution. By safely purifying and destroying harmful chemicals from the air as well as eliminating offensive odors, industrial UV air systems deliver economic, environmental, and human benefits.

UV Germicidal Technology

Scientists have been studying the effect of UV light as a method for interrupting the transmission of airborne pathogens for well over a century. In 1877, two English scientists, Downes and Blunt, discovered that sunlight kills bacteria. Their studies showed that sugar water placed on a shaded windowsill became cloudy while a similar solution in direct sunlight remained clear. When examining the two jars, “they realized that bacteria were growing in the shaded solution but not in the one exposed to sunlight.”

The two men later found it is the shorter spectrum of UV light that kills bacteria and effectiveness is dependent on the amount and duration of light. Today we know that for a UV air system to effectively kill and render microorganisms unable to reproduce it requires prolonged exposure as well as a specific intensity and wavelength of UV radiation.

Germicidal Lamp Applications

Germicidal UVC lamps provide industries a way to disinfect and improve the quality of air in the workplace and the immediate environment without the need for toxic chemicals that are not only harmful to humans but the environment as well. Furthermore, UVC lamps are simple to operate and maintain and help industries to comply with strict local codes and national regulations. For industries such as food processing plants, farms, commercial kitchens (HVAC), kennels, and wastewater plants, odor control is important to not only the employees but to those that must work or live around the plant.

The LightSources Advantage

One of the reasons why so many industries trust LightSources and LightTech for their industrial UV air systems is that we have designed proprietary, longer-lasting lamps than those of many of our competitors. This saves OEMs both time and money by reducing the need to replace lamps as often or the expense of buying new ones. Additionally our lamps offer a compact design, which means retrofitting is not a problem, and we fully customize almost every part of our lamps including length and diameter, power, ceramic bases and fitting sockets.

LightSources and our strategic partner LightTech, along with our affiliated companies, represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today. We offer high-quality standard lamps and components as well as specialize in customizing the best solutions to meet our partner’s unique needs.

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