lighting solutionsEnhance your brand awareness with proprietary lighting solutions offered by LightSources and our sister company, Cerlux.  Patented and proprietary lamps are designed to showcase your logo or brand colors for uniqueness, giving you a competitive edge.   Cerlux provides custom designed ceramic components with matching end fittings and sockets.

Proprietary lighting solutions are available with our specialty fluorescent lamps, tanning lamps and UV germicidal lamps.  Our ability to offer customized and proprietary lighting solutions are one of the many reasons our clients describe our customer commitment as second to none.

Proprietary Lamp Bases and Sockets from Cerlux

Cerlux is our ceramic lamp component provider, manufacturing technical ceramic components with low-pressure injection molding.  Cerlux employs skilled engineers experienced with CAD software for three dimensional models, quality tooling, precision milling and EDM processes.

Cerlux conducts ongoing research and development, along with continual improvement projects as an ISO9001 registered company.  Environmental compliance is assured with an Environmental Management System registered to ISO14001.

Customized Specialty Fluorescent Lighting Solutions

OEMs conduct business in an ever increasingly global market. Gain a competitive edge with custom designed fluorescent lighting solutions.   The LightSources group supports OEMs to grow their aftermarket, and protect it with patented technology.  Precision manufacturers of high quality units used in computers, medical instruments and aircrafts need a way to stand out with a branded line of high-performance fluorescent lamps.

LightSources offers customized lighting solutions for specialty lamp manufacturers in any size, length or shape with proprietary phosphor blends.   Any size is available, including T5, T8, T6, T10 and T12, with patented bases and sockets designed specifically for your exclusive use.

Proprietary Tanning Lamp Solutions

With the competitive market of tanning lamps today, it pays big dividends to offer your customers something that no one else has.  The LightSources group offers proprietary phosphor blends with SolGlass® technology, combined with patented bases and sockets designed and manufactured for your unique, exclusive use.

SolGlass® is an innovative new glass technology developed by the LightSources group with proprietary phosphor blends.  Benefits of SolGlass tanning lamp technology include:

  • Short-wave UVB rays for continuous pigmentation providing long lasting gratification
  • Narrow-band UVA wavelengths for quick tanning provides instant gratification
  • Open glass technology allows increased UV transmission over other lamps, creating improved tanning effects.
  • SolGlass® is the only tanning lamp with this unique combination of UVA readings and UVB spectrum, allowing 75% of UVB energy transmission compared to 36% of comparable tanning lamps on the market.

Give your customers extraordinary tanning results with innovative technology, all meeting US and European regulations including class 3 and 0.3W/m2 sunbed regulations.  Offering advanced technology for total customer satisfaction, branded for your exclusive use gives you a tremendous competitive advantage.

Proprietary UV Germicidal Lighting Solutions

UV germicidal lamps are used in a multitude of applications, purifying water and air in commercial, medical and government facilities for improved health of occupants.  UV radiation is highly effective at eradicating bacteria and viruses from water used in water treatment systems in numerous municipalities and aboard shipsAir purification offers several advantages to hospitals and medical facilities improving the health of the medically compromised.

OEMs of these systems face an ever-increasing competitive market place with offers of inexpensive systems.  Be wary of UV solutions that do not come with the support of scientific expertise of UV radiation.  The LightSources group conducts ongoing research and development, continually improving our superior UV germicidal products, with skilled engineers possessing in-depth knowledge of the UV spectrum.  We can custom design the optimum solution for you, with UV germicidal lamps offered in varying lengths and sizes to fit your system. We can also offer this technology to you branded for your exclusive use, improving your competitive edge.

We can use your provided design, or assist you with designing a UV germicidal system, with 3D model file technology.

Benefits of Proprietary Lighting Solutions

There are numerous benefits to developing your own proprietary products, and it doesn’t take as long as you may think.  The LightSources group is experienced in patent and trademark procedures, facilitating your own proprietary project from start to finish, often in only a couple of months.

Proprietary specialty lighting and UV lamp solutions provide the following competitive advantages:

  • Revenue growth with continued sales
  • Custom lamps with unique fittings
  • Distinguishable products with identifiable pin configurations, sockets, bases or end caps
  • Custom colors to match your logo for increased brand awareness
  • Custom logo with decal or specialty etching

The LightSources Group will show you how easy it is to stand out from your lighting competitors with cutting edge fluorescent and UV technology, branded with your unique corporate logo.

LightSources and our partner, Cerlux, provide customized advanced lighting technology, improving your brand awareness, sales and profit.  Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable engineer for customized lighting solutions.   

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