UVC Water ApplicationsUVC Air ApplicationsUVC Surface ApplicationsGermicidal UVC technology is superior to traditional germicidal methods for sterilizing bacteria, fungi, and viruses. As global leaders in the UVC germicidal lamp industry, LightTech and LightSources offer high-quality standard and custom products, reduced lead times, and unmatched innovation. With both our standard and tailor-made lamps, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) can maintain replacement sales within their market, offering an often-untapped source of revenue and repeat business.

Customized Germicidal Lamp Solutions
With modern manufacturing facilities and proprietary technologies, LightTech and strategic partner LightSources create patent-protected, OEM-oriented solutions. Our system-level designs consider ambient operating conditions, UVC watts, operating life, and other essential performance criteria.

Almost everything about the lamp can be customized, including length and diameter, power, fitting sockets, and ceramic bases. Our proprietary ceramic bases are resistant to UVC radiation, ozone, heat and moisture and have a high-quality appearance.  Other base materials are available upon request.

Reduced Lead Times
Just-in-time manufacturing and our Rapid Prototype Program offer reduced lead times and increased flexibility. We can produce both soft glass and quartz glass in a matter of days.

LightSources and LightTech are the world leaders in quartz germicidal lamps. Our research and development team is continuously developing new environmental technologies that are unique to the germicidal industry.

We are committed to supplying ecologically-sound solutions worldwide as we strive to contribute to balance public safety and environmental protection with the need for effective disinfection. The LightSources and LightTech groups will continue to grow its leadership positions in technologies that are vital for the current and future health of the earth’s indispensible resources, such as clean water and air.

Benefits of UVC Germicidal Technology

  • Complies with Strict Local Codes and Regulations:
    UV Germicidal is environmentally friendly and chemical free. Unlike germicidal chemicals, there are no corrosive materials and no disinfection by-products (DBPs).
  • Safer Technology:
    Germicidal lamps use UVC light to sterilize bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses. There is none of the health hazards associated with the use of harmful chemicals.
  • Cost Effective:
    UV germicidal technology is easy to operate and maintain. Our lamps are energy-efficient and long lasting, and their compact design makes retrofitting simple.

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