Our Patented MultiStep Bases & Matching Sockets Provide Many Benefits:

  • Individual base configuration – exclusively proprietary for you
  • Increased relamp sales potential
  • Matching socket
  • Your choice of color (all standard pantone colors available; premium colors upon request)
  • Conformity of your system components to your corporate identity guidelines
  • Greater flexibility of design
  • Engineering design assistance
  • UV and ozone resistant ceramic

Germicidal Lamps 1
Germicidal Lamps 2

Germicidal Lamps

All quartz lamps are supplied with ceramic bases unless otherwise specified. Other base materials such as plastic and metal-ceramic combinations are available by request. Custom designed germicidal lamp bases are available in a wide variety of pin locations, steps, unique contours, and lead-wire configurations.

Ceramic bases are preferred for germicidal and ozone producing lamps due to their high quality, appearance and resistance to heat, moisture and the intense UV and/or ozone produced by these lamp types. Lamps can also be custom configured with no bases, bases with pigtails, special wiring harnesses, or bases made from other materials, such as plastic or hybrid materials such as metal-ceramic.

Germicidal Lamps 3New Options for Germicidal OEM’s
Due to the synergies with Cerlux, our sister company in Hungary, we can easily fabricate your proprietary and custom ceramic base and socket components. Now we provide germicidal system designers the option: either you design your own lamp base with our assistance or we design it completely for you (3D model file .stp)!

Many OEMs opt for nonstandard lamp designs in order to fulfill needs that are critical to a specific germicidal application, instead of building the equipment around a lamp chosen from a limited amount of standard, off-the-shelf models. It is often preferable to design the lamp to fit the system. The mechanical, electrical and output characteristics of the lamp can vary widely with the requirements of each design. As a result, numerous lamp models with different combinations of shapes, sizes and performance characteristics continue to be custom manufactured for the new equipment market.

How Long is a Base/Socket Design & Patenting Process?
It’s not as long as you would expect! We are not only very experienced with unique base designs, but also with the procedures of Patent & Trademark Offices. Your individual proprietary project can be nailed down within a couple of months. Click here for a sample project plan (may vary on a project-by-project basis).

View some examples of Germicidal Lamps Step Bases and download our Germicidal Base and Pin Configurations leaflet.