uv water purifier

A UV water purifier is an extremely effective and cost-efficient method of purifying and sterilizing water for a wide range of applications.  UVC radiation is used in UV water sterilization systems around the world, proven effective at cleaning and purifying water in various forms.  Light is broken into colors and measured by wavelengths in nanometers (nm).

Ultraviolet (UV) light has shorter wavelengths than visible light measuring in the range of 10nm to 400nm, with the most effective UVC germicidal radiation occurring between 100nm to 280nm. UVC technology is used in UV water purification systems around the world to deliver a safe and highly effective method of cleansing and sterilizing water for numerous purposes.  

UV radiation targets the nucleic acid of the cells in bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms naked to the human eye, altering the DNA of these cells and rendering harmful contaminants completely harmless.  As the cells are destroyed, these microorganisms are unable to replicate which renders them dead as they cannot reproduce to infectious levels.

UV Water Purifier Applications  

A UV water purifier provides effective and cost-efficient water purification and sterilization to a multitude of applications worldwide.  UVC germicidal technology offers technologically advanced, effective and cost-efficient germicidal solutions to the following water applications:

  • Aqua culture
  • Drinking water
  • Life Sciences
  • Pool and Spa
  • Wastewater
  • Water Reclamation
  • and many others  

Aqua Culture Benefits from Water Purifier Systems

UV water purifier systems offer valuable disinfection services to marine life in aquariums and hatcheries, providing safe water for fish to thrive free from dangerous bacteria and contaminants.  UVC germicidal lamps sterilize and purify water with the optimum wavelength of 254nm, which effectively destroys viruses, bacteria and harmful contaminants. UV water purification is also effective at destroying harmful contaminants and parasites such as the myxozoan parasite, preventing disease in fish in both saltwater and freshwater applications. The high output quartz germicidal lamps along with low pressure amalgam lamps by LightSources enhance the life and well being of fish and marine life, with the most effective and cost-efficient UV aqua culture solutions available today.

UV Water Purifier Provides Safe Drinking Water

UV radiation is utilized in municipalities to sanitize and disinfect drinking water, enhancing the health and well being of people across many populations.  UVC lamps effectively reduce chloramines and chloride in water, oxidizing and sanitizing water without the use of harmful by-products. Ozone producing lamps at 185nm effectively kill virtually any virus form, while UV radiation at 254nm sanitizes water by targeting cell’s DNA to eradicate any ability to reproduce. UVC lamps used in water purification systems offer many benefits over the use of chemical sanitizers.  Benefits of UV radiation for drinking water include:

  • Eradicates harmful organisms instantly including those resistant to chemical disinfection such as cryptosporidium and giardia bacterium
  • Organisms do not develop a resistance to UV radiation
  • Effective with short radiation time
  • Minimal maintenance
  • No need to purchase, store or dispose of chemicals
  • Low operating costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Does not alter pH balance, odor or taste

LightSources offers low pressure standard quartz germicidal lamps and low pressure high output germicidal lamps to purify drinking water systems around the world.

Life Sciences Enhanced with UV Water Purifier

Water used in the medical industry including biotechnology and pharmaceuticals require water purified to a mandated level to maintain clean and sterile water free from contaminants.  UV water purifiers are used in biotechnology, pharmacology, nanotechnology, genetic and medical testing, bioengineering and medical device laboratories. The LightSources Group manufactures high output lamps at 800mA and standard lamps at 425mA utilized in life science applications worldwide.  

Pool & Spa Water Purification

UV germicidal lamps are used to treat pool and spa water, with ozone producing germicidal lamps purifying water 3,000 times quicker than chlorine, with no harmful chemical residue.

UV Wastewater Treatment Systems

Wastewater is defined as water that as been affected in quality by the influence of humans including varying contaminants when discharged from commercial properties, agricultural applications and domestic residences. UVC water purifier systems effective treat waste water instead of chemical disinfectants to enhance public safety while meeting all federal and local strict water purification standards.

Water Reclamation with UV Water Purifiers

Water reclamation is a critical component of any water management system by eradicating pollutants from eco-systems and eliminating contaminants flowing into natural bodies of water.  Water reclamation purifies water to be recycled for other uses such as cooling power plants, mixing concrete or agricultural irrigation. Greenhouse water systems benefit from UVC germicidal technology, keeping plants healthy with clean water.   

LightSources Offers Effective and Cost-Efficient UV Water Purifier Systems

LightSources and our valued partner, LightTech, provide high performing, industry leading lighting solutions which deliver energy efficient cost savings over comparable lamps.  We are dedicated to continual improvement through research and development, consistently offering cutting edge, industry leading UV lamp technology with high performing patented products. Our vast resources allow us to provide timely delivery with high quality product, supporting OEMs worldwide with UVC germicidal solutions.

LightSources and our valued partner companies represent the leading high-tech lamp designers in the industry.  Contact us today to speak with an engineer to learn more about our UVC germicidal solutions including our powerful lamps for UV water purifier systems.

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