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Ultraviolet radiation in the UVC range is known for killing viruses, bacteria and harmful pathogens in many applications. You can find UVC germicidal lamps in sterilization systems worldwide used to kill viruses and bacteria in water, in the air and on surfaces. UVC sterilization lamps are mounted in various disinfection system like in water treatment plants, air purification systems and industrial machines.

With advances in technology and robotics, UVC germicidal solutions are available in many forms of automatic UVC robots. These UVC robots can roam around indoors and outdoors, killing viruses and bacteria almost instantly in many cases. UVC germicidal lamps are proven to kill most infectious microorganisms in seconds and can even eliminate difficult to treat pathogens like Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) or vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) in minutes.

UVC Robots Beneficial in Many Environments

UVC robots are now popping up in many places such as hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls, libraries and airports. Outdoor disinfection robots can be found on school campuses, industrial parks and many other public gathering areas. These disinfection robots can be programmed to spray a disinfectant and also emit powerful UVC radiation at the precise wavelength of 254 nm, proven to have the most germicidal effectiveness.

The benefits of these autonomous robots are clear:

  • No labor required – UV disinfection robots can sterilize a large area with no human labor required. They can run 24 hours continually and even head back to their charging station when needed.
  • No infectious disease exposure to humans – while the robots are disinfecting an area, human employees such as nurses in hospitals are not exposed the super bugs that may be lingering in the room.
  • Effective germ killing ability – UVC robots are proven to eliminate most viruses and bacteria and even hard to treat pathogens which pose serious risks when exposed to humans.
  • Safe when used without people in the room – UVC robots are set up to enter hospital rooms or other areas when vacant to avoid UV exposure to humans. They can be controlled remotely and programmed to shut down if movement is detected.

Proven Effectiveness of UVC Radiation in Hospital Rooms

According to a study in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, UVC devices effectively eliminated bacteria on contaminated surfaces both in the line of sight and also behind objects. UVC radiation was 99.9% effective in reducing the counts of vegetative bacteria on surfaces within 15 minutes and was also proven 99.8% effective in reducing superbugs and C. difficile spores within 50 minutes.

UVC robots and UV germicidal devices are only as powerful as the quality of UVC germicidal lamps installed on the systems. Using high-quality UV sterilization lamps is key to achieving maximum germicidal effectiveness.

LightSources Provides UV Lamps for UVC Robots

LightSources is a valued supplier to OEMs worldwide of high-tech, high-quality UV lamps including a wide selection of UVC germicidal lamps and components. Our UV sterilization lamps include many variations of the most effective types of germicidal lamps:
Low Pressure Mercury Lamps – low pressure mercury lamps support a wide range of germicidal applications with seven various types of lamps including:

  • Standard quartz
  • High output quartz
  • Compact quartz
  • GU lamps
  • Standard softglass
  • High-output softglass
  • Compact softglass

Standard low pressure mercury lamps provide the greatest efficiency, converting 40% of the lamp’s electrical power into UVC radiation at precisely 254 nm. High-output mercury lamps deliver twice the UVC output. Softglass lamps can operate on a lower current and provide high efficiency. Low pressure mercury lamps also provide long lasting effectiveness at up to 13,000 hours of operating life.

Low Pressure Amalgam Lamps – amalgam germicidal lamps can operate over a broader range of temperatures making them ideal in air or water applications which experience fluctuating temperatures between 4 – 40°C. Amalgam UV germicidal lamps by LightSources provide three times the UVC output over standard lamps of the same size. Our UV lighting engineers offer the ability to custom design amalgam lamps to meet your needs such as higher temperature requirements or compact space requirements. Our amalgam lamps provide value with reduced maintenance expenses and a long operating life up to 16,000 hours. We provide spot and pellet amalgam technology with proprietary technology that delivers higher efficiency even in power dimming conditions.

Medium Pressure Ultraviolet Lamps (MPUV) – MPUV lamps are commonly used in curing inks and polymers although have been found to be very effective in many germicidal applications. MPUV lamps are found in water sterilization and air purification systems. LightSources offers a wide selection of MPUV lamps varying for 100 watts per inch (wpi) to 700 wpi designed with custom phosphor blends to achieve specific wavelengths to match your application needs. We engineer your germicidal lamps to meet specific OEM requirements.

Quartz Sleeves – Quartz sleeves protect lamps from breakage, leakage, air and water flow and temperature fluctuations without affecting efficient operations. LightSources offers domed type and open ended quartz sleeves engineered with only high quality material.

Electronic Ballasts – Our electronic ballasts provide many advantages such as the ability to operate on multiple supply voltages with insensitivity to variations in line voltage. Our ballasts provide high power and high efficiency with a lightweight design.

UV Germicidal Lamps
LAMP Applications:
UV Germicidal Applications

LightSources is your leading source for UV germicidal solutions, providing first-to-market innovative, high-tech UV lamps for any germicidal application. We follow a strict ISO9001:2015 quality policy, quick turn-around time, prototyping solutions and are dedicated to delivering high quality, high performance lamps. Contact us to speak with an engineer and learn more about our high quality UV germicidal lamps for any application including UVC robots.

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