Ozone Light BulbsOzone is naturally produced from ultraviolet light, with ozone light bulbs replicating the UV wavelength needed to produce ozone. When we hear the word ozone, we think of the ozone layer in the atmosphere. This ozone layer is produced from UV light, and filters most of the UV light from the sun.

UV light is emitted at a frequency that is higher than visible light, which is in the range of 400 to 700 nanometer (nm). Ultraviolet light, is beyond the highest frequency of visible light, which is violet, and is emitted from the sun within the range of 100 to 315 nm. Most of this is filtered through the ozone layer in the atmosphere.

UV light emitted in short wavelengths, between 160 and 240 nm, will produce ozone through a process called photolysis of oxygen (O2). This process disrupts the molecule to create valent oxygen atoms that attach to individual oxygen molecules and creates ozone (O3).

Ozone Provides Natural Germicidal Effectiveness

Ultraviolet radiation emitted at 254 nm is proven to deliver highly effective germicidal properties by killing germs and harmful bacteria. UV wavelengths in the range of 185 nm are effective to create ozone, which eliminates contaminants in air, water and surfaces and also acts as a natural oxidizer to eliminate foul odor in the air.

UVC Ozone Light Bulbs

Ozone light bulbs produce UV radiation at less than 220 nm, in the range of 185nm, to effectively decompress the oxygen (O2) in the air which produces ozone (O3). UVC ozone lamps also eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as mercaptans, sulfides and ammonia. One of the greatest advantages of ozone light is that it is carried through the air to places where direct UV exposure cannot reach.

UVC light bulbs emitting 254 nm wavelengths instantly eradicate viruses and bacteria upon exposure, combined with ozone generating light bulbs, a UV air purification system delivers additional deodorizing properties.

LightSources Delivers UVC Ozone Lamps

LightSources is a world leading supplier of fluorescent and UV lamps, including UVC germicidal and ozone light bulbs. We construct ozone lamps with the highest quality quartz glass and determine UV emissions with the type of fused quartz used in manufacturing germicidal lamp envelope. UV lamps which emit radiation within the range of 100 to 280 nm provide the most effective sterilizing and germicidal power.

LightSources manufactures ozone lamps with Very High (VH) lamp design which is constructed with quality clear fused quartz. We offer Low (L) germicidal lamps which provide effective sterilization at 254 nm and include a specially doped fused quartz to prohibit UV radiation at 185nm. Lamps constructed with clear quartz allow the uninterrupted emission of 185 nm in ozone light lamps.

You can find our VH lamps in a multitude of germicidal processes such as water sterilization applications. UVC ozone lamps are used in water sterilization applications such as pool and spa, water reclamation, municipalities, ballast water treatment, life sciences and many other water purification processes.

Ozone lamps are also found in air purification systems in HVAC systems and many commercial, industrial and residential air treatment systems. UVC germicidal lamps also aid surface sterilization processes used in the food and beverage industry, grocery stores, restaurants and medical applications.

The LightSources Group Supports OEMs Large and Small

The LightSources Group is regarded as an authority and leading supplier of fluorescent and UV lamps and lighting solutions. We are committed to research and development, offering several first to market, patented products developed with proprietary technology. Our skilled engineers are the best in the business with an in-depth knowledge of UV radiation and custom designed solutions with quality components and custom phosphor blends.

We manufacturer Low-Pressure Mercury Discharge lamps which we construct with either soda lime glass or quartz glass to provide either 185 nm or 254 nm to allow the right UV radiation to pass through unmodified. Our Medium Pressure Mercury Discharge lamps emit a broadband UV radiation as opposed to narrow band and are similar to a high intensity discharge (HID) lamps.

Whatever your germicidal application calls for, LightSources offers a wide selection of standard products as well as providing custom designed solutions to meet specific requirements. Our engineering team will design your germicidal lamps with the right amount of ozone emission with careful construction and combination of two types of quartz. We follow a strict quality policy as part of our ISO9001:2015 certification, offering vast resources and quick turnaround time for production and prototype solutions.

UV Germicidal Lamps
LAMP Applications:
UV Germicidal Applications

The LightSources Group consists of the leading high-tech lamp designers available, offering first to market, patented lamp solutions. We provide high quality lamps which are proven to outlast and outperform comparable products. Contact us to learn how to improve your UV germicidal application with long-lasting, cost-efficient germicidal ozone light bulbs.

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