UV Light Air Purifier

UV light air purifier systems are one of the most cost effective and safest methods used to purify the air we breathe.  UV air purification systems are used in municipalities and industrial applications to remove harmful contaminants from the air and eliminate odors. UV light air purification helps industries in complying with strict regulations regarding air quality while offering many benefits over other air purification methods.

UV Light Air Purifier is Environmentally Friendly

UV light air purifiers are environmentally friendly as they do not require the use of harmful or toxic chemicals, yet they are extremely effective at sterilizing and purifying the air.  Since UV air purifiers operate without the use of chemicals, there is no need to purchase, store or dispose of harmful chemicals or byproducts. In addition to clean air purification methods, UV air purifiers use energy efficient UVC germicidal lamps, creating an even more environmentally friendly operation.  

UV light air purifiers are available in compact designs that make them simple to operate and easy to maintain.  With long lasting UVC germicidal lamps, UV air purifiers save time and money with very little ongoing maintenance required.

UVC Radiation Offers Powerful Germicidal Effectiveness

UVC radiation is proven to quickly and effectively destroy airborne contaminants including bacteria, fungi, mold, viruses and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  By penetrating the nuclei of the harmful cells, UVC radiation immediately renders them harmless and unable to replicate. UV air purifiers operate with UVC germicidal lamps designed to emit specific wavelengths at 254 nanometer (nm), which is the most effective band of UVC radiation which instantly destroys the cells of harmful contaminants.

UV Light Air Purifiers Benefit Many Industrial Applications

UVC germicidal lamps help to prevent the spread of airborne illnesses in many residential and commercial settings.  UVC light air purifiers are utilized in many commercial buildings to provide safe and clean air for workers and visitors and are also becoming quite popular in more residential settings.  Healthcare facilities benefit from UV light air purifiers by providing clean air to patients that may already have a compromised immune system. Many facilities such as hospitals, doctors offices, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers provide safe and clean air to patients with UV light air purification.

Many industrial applications are realizing the benefits of UV air purification to provide a safer workplace while meeting strict air quality codes and regulations.  UV air purifiers are used in many applications to eliminate toxic chemicals produced during certain applications such as plastic, rubber or wood surfacing treatment processes.  Companies can reduce their output of harmful compounds while protecting their employees with cleaner and safer air.

UV air purification systems can be installed in new existing HVAC units to eliminate the spread of air pollutants including bacteria, viruses, parasites, dust-mites, mold spores and fungi.  UV air purifiers are easy to maintain and reduce the maintenance required to clean air ducts as the UVC radiation keeps coils clean while sterilizing the air. Make sure that you consult with a UVC germicidal specialist before purchasing your UV air purifier and UVC germicidal lamps.

LightSources Offers Custom UVC Germicidal Lamps for Air Purification

Not all UV lamps are made the same and that is especially true for UVC germicidal lamps.  To obtain the quality results you desire, it is important to be sure you are working with quality products and lamps proven to provide effective sterilization.  LightSources and LightTech offer the most effective UVC germicidal lamps available today, proven effective in a multitude of applications worldwide.

LightSources offers vast resources to provide quick turnaround on production requirements including prototype and custom designed lamps.   We offer custom designed lamp diameter and length, ceramic bases and sockets customizable right down to matching your own logo colors. Our UVC germicidal lamps are used in many purification systems worldwide including air, surface and water sterilization applications.  

LightSources helps many industries and municipalities with UVC germicidal lamps to effectively treat water in reclamation operations, wastewater treatment plants, ballast water treatment on ships, aquariums, fish hatcheries and many other water sterilization processes.  UVC germicidal lamps help to keep food fresh and safe in grocery stores, restaurants and other food and beverage industrial applications.

UV Germicidal Lamps
LAMP Applications:
UV Germicidal Applications

The LightSources Group is recognized as a leading global supplier of high-tech lamps and lamp components, providing quality products developed from skilled and experienced engineers.  We partner with OEMs worldwide to design, engineer and manufacture proprietary and specialty custom designed lamps to enhance your process. Contact us today to learn more about our wide selection of UVC germicidal lamps and custom designed lamps for use in any UV light air purifier.


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