Over the last decade or more there  has been a rapid  development in ink technology. The use of UV curable cationic inks has become more prevalent.

Cationic inks are generally an epoxy based resin that is cured by UV lamps. The wavelength of UV radiation is required to stimulate the photo initiator. The cure rate for these inks depend upon the specific ink’s formulation, light source and initiator contents.

Our Low Pressure Amalgam UVA Curing lamps are perfectly suited for curing cationic based inks and are available from 1 meter to 2 meters in length (300 to 1200 watts of output).

Customization on lamp design is our specialty. It’s all up to you. We will work with your team and/or designated ballast designer to develop a lamp design specific to your application and/or new equipment specifications.

Custom lamps and base designs as well as private labelling are available when requested.