lampholdersAlong with our valued partners Voltarc and LCD Lighting, the LightSources Group has developed the most advanced, high-caliber electrical wiring devices and incandescent lampholders in the industry.  Our innovative designs combined with patented technology provide superior lamp components with extraordinary long-life combined with convenient features for safety and durability.

LightSources and its affiliated companies have been designing, engineering and manufacturing customized lighting solutions for over 30 years. With vast expertise in UV germicidal lamps, UV ballast water treatment, UV air treatment, UV curing bulbs, specialty fluorescent lamps, tanning lamps, and outdoor sign products, we have the team and resources to make lamp designs a reality.

With dozens of designs and styles to choose from, LightSources offers standard or custom designed lampholders for virtually any application, indoor or outdoor with UL listed CSA approved equipment.

Ground Fault Protection

Voltarc is a leader in the lighted sign industry, with patented Dead Front housing technology to protect your equipment from ground faults.   This innovative design eliminates rivets in the face of the lampholder, completely isolating it from the ground.  A key component of this design is the Fabulex™ mounting clip manufactured from thermoplastic engineering resin with durable properties of 9,000 PSI Shear Strength and a Tensile Elongation Strength of -68° F to 158° F. Voltarc’s patented O-rings are specially designed for long life with no drying, featuring a blue silicone treatment for water and condensation resistance which prevents bonding during re-lamping.

Kulka® IS-Series Lampholders

The Kulka IS-Series is specially designed for Electronic Sign Ballasts, with an integrated shunt design used for instant start ballasts.  The IS-Series are the only lampholders to feature new single Leadwire technology.  Patented Red-O Ring technology distinguishes this single lead wire lampholder from the two lead Blue-O Ring technology for safe and simple operation. The Kulka IS-Series of lampholders are all UL listed with the Circle I Rating, and CSA approved.

572 & 573 Series Slimline & Cold Cathode Lampholders

Additional Kulka wiring devices offered by Voltarc include the 572 and 573 Series of Slimline Cold Cathode Lampholders.  The slimline 572 lampholder is rated for 660 Watts at 1000V, while the 573 is rated for 660 Watts at 600V.  These can be mounted with various brackets or with butt-on mounting. All Slimline series lampholders are UL listed and CSA certified for outdoor use in enclosed signs and fixtures.

582.GDF & 583.GDF Stationary or Spring-Loaded Series

Voltarc’s 582.GDF™ and 583.GDF™ Series lampholders are Recessed Double Contact Lampholders suitable for 800 and 1500mA Lamps.  These lampholders contain no metal clips therefore there is no risk of electrical grounding or corrosion.  This stationary series of lampholders completely isolates the socket face from the ground, and features our patented Blue O-Ring technology. The 582 and 583 series lampholders are UL listed and CSA certified for outdoor use in enclosed signs and fixtures.

530.1K & 530.2K Series Snap-In Lampholders

Convenient lampholders such as the snap-in series from Voltarc include the 530.1K™ & 530.2K™ Series Snap-In Recessed Double Contact Lampholders for 800 and 1500mA Lamps.  The 530 series utilize a snap-in mounting system, and are rated at 660 Watts with dual rating of 600V or 1000V.

1550 Series Turn-Type Lampholders with Medium Bi-Pin

The 1550 series features medium bi-pin, in a turn type lampholder with slide-on mounting for 18 or 20-gauge panels.   These lampholders can be wired at the factory for custom specifications with length, wire or strip material.

1640 Series Slide-On Lampholders

Voltarc also features the 1640 Series Slide-On Lampholders with recessed double contacts for 800 and 1500 mA Lamps.  The 1640 Series of lampholders is ideal for outdoor application when they are enclosed properly.  Each end features slide wire horizontal contacts.  All slide-on lampholders are UL listed and CSA certified for outdoor use in enclosed signs and fixtures.

Voltarc and the LightSources group offer the most advanced lampholders in the lighting industry, with patented technology for any application.  Our lighting components are manufactured with the highest of quality processes, providing patented solutions to OEMs around the globe.  With a full line of standard components or the option to custom design your lighting solutions, we are sure to find the perfect lighting solution for your needs.

LightSources, Voltarc and LCD Lighting specialize in extraordinary design and manufacturing of specialty fluorescent lamps, low pressure UV lamps used in germicidal and UV curing applications, avionics display, and lamps used in medical applications.  Contact LightSources for long-life fluorescent lamps and wiring components used in the lighted sign industry.

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