Red light therapy needs commitment as well as an understanding of skin care needs from the provider’s side. Worldwide there is a growing demand for products and methodologies that help achieve a younger look by improving skin tone and elasticity.

A Professional Approach to Light Therapy

We suggest therapies to be carried out by professional estheticians, dermatologists, cosmeticians or beauticians. A trained spa professional or esthetician will know how to adjust the light therapy to people’s individual skin conditions. The professional’s goal is to improve the skin appearance or the client’s overall look. In case of conspicuous skin conditions, a skilled professional is able to catch other serious skin problems as well and advise clients accordingly or refer them to proper medical personnel. Finally, a skin specialist consulting a light therapy user will enhance his personal user experience and increase customer loyalty.

In short: Adding red light therapy to the spa or dermatologist menu is an excellent way to supplement your other wellness skin care and beauty offerings while attracting a new risk-free seeking clientele. Increasing your revenues can be as simple as that! Just click on the before and after photo below to have an enlarged view and convince yourself of red light therapy’s effective results! 

Fine Lines & Wrinkles: Before & After Photo

Red Light Therapy: Stand-Alone and/or Combination Treatments

Red light therapy treatments with red lamps do not require specific medical licensing; it can be used and is effective in several different ways:

  • as a stand-alone light therapy device in beauty salons & wellness spas, dermatology practices, beauty resorts or as a value-add offer in indoor tanning salons
  • as a home use full or partial body device
  • as a combination treatment with other rejuvenating skin procedures used by dermatologists to reduce downtime

Studies have shown that using red light (visible spectrum) after invasive skin care techniques, such as erbium laser treatments, results in more effective clinical results. (faster resolution of erythema and reduction of inflammation/swelling).