LightSources and valued partner LightTech are leading global suppliers of quality UVC lamps including compact UVC lamps with plug and play versatility in long (UVC PLL lamp) and short (PLS) configurations. LightSources offers UVC germicidal lamps engineered with proprietary, innovative technology. Our sterilization UVC lamps can be found globally in a broad range of germicidal applications where compact, low-pressure PLS and PLL mercury lamps are required.

uvc pll lampUVC PLL Lamp Compact Lamp Design and Engineering

LightSources leads the industry in engineering germicidal UVC lamps with many lamp sizes and types available. We offer low-pressure, compact PLL mercury lamps designed and engineered with two-tube linear design in ozone producing 185 nm or 254 nm germicidal lamp types. Compact, mercury plug-in UVC PLL lamps are offered in quartz glass or soft glass options with 2-pin and 4-pin bases with custom engineering available for bases and lamps designed by high-tech lamp engineers at LightSources.

Custom Engineering of Compact Bases, Sockets, and PLL Lamps

The LightSources Group provides custom engineering of germicidal lamps and plug-in compact lamps in our modern glass factory in Europe, offering custom development of prototype lamp products and manufacturing to meet all your UVC lamp production requirements. We design, engineer, and produce proprietary lamp bases with only the finest materials including plastic, ceramic and metal hybrid bases, and ceramic base options. Custom configuration of lead-wire, steps, pin locations, custom color and contour options are available.

Safety configurations prevent the accidental installation into universal lamp sockets for added protection. Quartz sleeves protect people and the environment against harm from lamp breakage. Quartz sleeves on UVC PLL lamps prevent damage from leakage, temperature fluctuations and breakage without sacrificing performance or lamp efficiency.

Compact Plug-In UVC PLL Lamp Applications

Compact mercury UVC PLL lamps provide effective germicidal solutions to a wide range of applications requiring sterilization. Germicidal UV lamps are proven effective at eliminating the threat from bacteria, viruses, and harmful pathogens and preventing the build up of mold and mildew. UV lamps designed for germicidal effectiveness are proven in air sterilization applications, water disinfection and surface sterilization worldwide.

UVC PLL compact lamps can fit into tight spaces required in UVC air purification systems like HVAC units and upper room UVGI systems. UVC lamps are also effective in water sterilization systems and are proven to eliminate harmful pathogens that even chorine cannot kill. There are many surface disinfection systems that rely on the germicidal effectiveness of UVC compact lamps such as disinfection robots that roam across countertops and handheld sterilization devices.

UVC compact lamps provide the same type of germicidal effectiveness as their larger counterparts, and can help to provide a safe environment for hospitals, schools, restaurants, water treatment systems and more. Germicidal UVC PLL lights are utilized in commercial, industrial, and residential sterilization uses.

Compact, low-pressure mercury UVC PLL lights by LightSources are designed engineered and manufactured to emit 90% of the total rated UVC energy at the most effective wavelength for germicidal effectiveness of 253.7 nm. UVC radiation is proven to kill various types of bacteria, viruses, mildew and mold spores in the air, in water and on surfaces.

UV Germicidal Lamps
UV Germicidal Applications

LightSources offers germicidal UVC lamps in a wide selection of types and sizes all with high efficacy to destroy harmful pathogens. Our compact, low-pressure, UVC PLL mercury lamps protect people from harmful germs in many environments. Contact us to speak with an engineer about protecting your home, business or improving your germicidal application with the highly effective, long lasting germicidal UVC PLL lamp.