UV light for furnaces is a method to sterilize air as it passes through the heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) systems in buildings. Ultraviolet light is proven to eliminate many airborne microbial contaminants that may pass through the air filtration system in furnaces. LightSources offers quality UVC germicidal lamps for UV air purification systems including UV light sterilization systems for furnaces.

UV Light for Furnace Kills Airborne Contaminants and Surface Microbial GrUV light for furnaceowth

Furnaces pose at least two opportunities to spread microbial contaminants; as air circulates through the ducts and vents spreading airborne microorganisms and on air handling exchanger coils where moisture occurs. UV light in furnaces can be installed to address both areas of contamination, as air circulates through the ventilation system and aimed directly at exchanger coils.

Airborne contamination – pathogenic airborne contaminants in densely populated buildings can cause numerous adverse health effects including various infections and inflammation. Fungi and bacteria can cause infections, toxic effects, and allergic responses, according to an article published in the National Institutes of Health, regarding the control of microbial contamination on furnaces and HVAC systems with aluminum and copper heat exchangers. Preventing airborne contamination is important to maintain healthy indoor air quality in occupied buildings and in residential homes.

Microbial growth – bacteria, fungi and other pathogens thrive in a moist, dark environment, making the interior of a furnace and the air handling exchanger coils an ideal environment for the propagation of microbes and the growth of microbial contaminants. This microbial growth includes mold, mildew, bacteria, and fungus, which contaminates the air and negatively impacts efficient operations of HVAC units.
UV lamps, specifically UVC lamps in furnaces prevent microbial growth and extend the operating life of HVAC systems.

Effectiveness of UV Light for Furnace Sterilization

Ultraviolet radiation, specifically when emitted in the UVC range at 254 nm is proven to be highly effective at eliminating viruses and bacteria in the air, on surfaces and in water. UVC radiation impacts the DNA in living microorganisms, rendering the pathogenic cells unable to replicate. According to a study published in the National Institutes of Health, Effectiveness of Germicidal UV Radiation for Reducing Fungal Contamination within Air-Handling Units, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is concluded to be an effective method to reduce fungal contamination in furnace air handling units (AHU).

The study showed a significant reduction of fungal contamination on the AHU insulation as well as a reduction of total viable airborne fungi. Many additional studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of UV light and HVAC sterilization in various environments such as hospitals and schools.

Types of UVC Lamps for UV Light for Furnace Sterilization

Not all UV lamps are made the same, and UVC germicidal lamps require specific engineering to output the right level of UVC radiation at a controlled wavelength for germicidal effectiveness. UVC radiation emitted at 254 nm is extremely effective at penetrating DNA of bacteria and viruses for high germicidal efficacy. There are various types of germicidal UVC lamps in different shapes and sizes. UV lamps must be installed by a professional and proper safety measures employed for type, installation and maintenance of UV light in furnace applications, as outlined by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, ASHRAE, in Chapter 17, Ultraviolet Lamp Systems of the Handbook for HVAC Systems and Equipment.

UV lamps for germicidal sterilization may be cylindrical in various lengths and diameters with electrical connectors at each end. Biaxial lamps are basically two cylindrical lamps that are connected at one end with an electrical connector on one end. U-Tube shaped lamps are similar to biaxial lamps with a continuous curved bend at one outer end.

UV lamps are either standard output typically operating at 425 mA, high output lamps designed to operate anywhere from 800 to 1200 mA, or Amalgam lamps which utilize hot cathode filaments and are designed to operate at 1200 mA or higher. There are two major types of electrodes which are an important factor in the lamp’s performance, cold cathode and hot cathode. Cold cathode lamps typically contain one pair of parallel cathodes which are not heated. Cold cathode lamps typically deliver less UVC output than hot cathode although they consume less energy and can last longer. Hot cathode lamps usually provide higher power densities over cold cathode lamps and thus generate increased UVC intensity.

LightSources Offers Various UVC Germicidal Lamps for Furnaces

LightSources is a world leading supplier of high-quality UV germicidal lamps in many types and sizes for various sterilization applications in air, water and on surfaces. We offer low-pressure Mercury germicidal lamps in standard output or high output Quartz, compact quartz and soft glass lamps designed for both 254 nm and 185 nm ozone technology. LightSources and partner company LightTech continually develop specialty UV lamps such as quartz U-lamps, germipak lamps, miniature, submersible and ozone lamps. Ozone lamps can carry sterilization effects into hard to reach places and provide deodorizing effects to eliminate foul odors.

We offer high-quality spot and pellet Amalgam lamps engineered with proprietary technology for longer life and increased performance. Our Amalgam germicidal lamps operate consistently over broad air and water temperature ranges and can yield up to three times the UVC output compared to standard lamps. Our lighting engineers can help you decide which type of germicidal lamp is best for your application and offer custom designed solutions including prototypes to meet your germicidal requirements.

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The LightSources group leads the industry in germicidal UV lamp design, engineering, and manufacturing. We offer a wide range of UV lamp germicidal products, custom designed solutions and support to meet your application needs. Contact us to learn more about germicidal lamps for air purification systems including UV light for furnaces.