Germicidal UVC technology using ozone-producing lamps is an efficient and cost-effective method to prevent odor issues and to meet strict official regulations.

Removing odorous VOC byproducts is important in many industries, especially when operations create nuisance odors for nearby residences and businesses and noxious fumes.

Our germicidal lamps operate at different wavelengths, including 185nm, which is the length of UV radiation that produces ozone. Ozone safely reacts with the odor-causing agent (VOC’s), such as ammonia, sulfides, and mercaptans, breaking it into less complex molecules through a process called oxidation.

Ambient air is directed through the system’s UV chamber. The ultraviolet light acts as a catalyst, breaking down the ambient oxygen and water vapor molecules into the short-lived oxygen and hydroxyl free radicals.  The oxygen and hydroxyl are used up in the process of oxidizing more complex molecules. The end result is an effective and immediate gas breakdown, with very little byproduct.

Our standard and custom ozone-producing germicidal lamps include low pressure mercury lamps and low pressure amalgam lamps.

Low pressure mercury lamp solutions include:

Low pressure amalgam lamp solutions include:

Odor elimination is dependent on the type and degree of the odor-causing contaminants and the ambient air temperature and humidity. We offer custom and proprietary solutions to meet the requirements of our clients.

Germicidal UVC Odor Control in Waster Water Plants
Germicidal UVC systems have proven to be a cost-effective solution to eliminating odors from sewage lift stations and treatment plants as well as reducing in-plant corrosion from hydrogen sulfide. They are easy to integrate and require only a small footprint for operation.

In addition to having a strong odor, moderate and high exposure to hydrogen sulfide can have ill effects on health.

The system does not require any ongoing chemical costs or disposal of contaminated odor adsorption media.

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