Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp Supplier

Ultraviolet Disinfection LampLightSources and LightTech are leading global suppliers of ultraviolet disinfection lamps, offering OEM oriented solutions with exclusive, high quality lamp products. Our combined vast resources include a state-of-the-art glass factory and professional engineers skilled in lighting technology and high-tech lamp design. We continue to develop proprietary UVC germicidal technology and first to market ultraviolet disinfection solutions.

Ultraviolet Disinfection Applications

LightSources is committed to providing ultraviolet disinfection lamps which provide effective sterilization to various applications while meeting environmental and safety concerns. Our germicidal lamps can be found worldwide in surface, air and water sterilization applications.

UV Disinfection of Surfaces

Ultraviolet disinfection is popular to sterilize surfaces in the food and beverage industry, restaurants and medical device applications. Food buffets, kitchens and grocery stores meet sterilization requirements with UV disinfection systems to keep food and surfaces safe.

UV Air Purification Systems

UV disinfection lamps are widely used in air sterilization systems in many industrial and commercial settings. Ultraviolet air purification systems improve air quality in many commercial settings such as hospitals, schools and businesses, and meet air quality environmental requirements for many industrial operations. UV light technology may include UV-oxidation which destroys harmful chemicals such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides and industrial solvents. There is an increasing trend for residential use of UV air purification systems as well.

UV Water Disinfection Systems

UV water disinfection systems are proven as an established water treatment technology for many applications such as pool and spa, life sciences, wastewater treatment, ballast water treatment and many others. Ultraviolet radiation, when emitted at the optimal wavelength between 200 to 300 nm, has proven germicidal efficacy against pathogenic organisms causing hepatitis, polio, typhoid, cholera and many other viruses and bacteria.

UV disinfection of water is increasing worldwide with effective elimination of these harmful microorganisms and others which are resistant to chlorine, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. UV disinfection of water is providing clean and safe water to many areas in the world which are in need of sanitary drinking water. UV lamps offer many advantages over other sterilization methods such as chlorine and chemical treatment.

LightSources Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp Advantages

Ultraviolet disinfection lamps by LightSources offer many advantages over other treatment methods and other lamp suppliers. UV light disinfection does not involve the use of chemicals and is therefore considered more eco-friendly than other methods of disinfection. UV disinfection lamps are user-friendly, safe to handle and provide many additional advantages such as:

  • Cost saving with little to no maintenance required
  • No need to purchase, store or dispose of chemicals
  • Ultraviolet disinfection does not create harmful by-products that adversely affect water quality
  • UV light inactivates harmful microorganisms that chlorine will not
  • UV light technology may include UV-oxidation to destroy harmful chemicals and pesticides

Ultraviolet disinfection lamps by LightSources offer additional advantages such as high-quality components, custom designed lamps and prototype solutions. LightSources is committed to high-quality through a strict quality management system and ISO9001:2015 registration.

The LightSources Group offers high quality, high tech UV germicidal lamps designed to meet specific application requirements. Our lamps include proprietary technology proven to deliver longer-lasting effectiveness, improved safety and cost savings. Contact us to learn how to improve your germicidal application with custom designed ultraviolet disinfection lamps.