UVC Germicidal Lamps from Light Sources

LightSources and strategic partner LightTech are global leaders in the UVC germicidal lamp industry, offering high-quality germicidal lamps found in a multitude of water, air and surface sterilization applications worldwide.

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LightSources Companies are the Premier Light Bulb Manufacturers for OEMs Worldwide

Since 1983, LightSources and its affiliated companies continue to be world leading light bulb manufacturers for specialty and custom lamps. Through innovative high-tech design, engineering, and manufacturing, LightSources customizes best in class lighting solutions for OEMs of all sizes, anywhere in the world. The company specializes in these major application areas:

  • UV Germicidal for Air; Surface; Water; and Kitchen applications
  • Specialty Fluorescent
  • UV Curing
  • Tanning
  • Sign Lighting
  • Custom branded bases and sockets

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