The COVID-19 global pandemic raised awareness of the need to keep people safe in public places, hitting the entertainment industry especially hard, with UV mall theaters providing a solution.

UV mall theaterUV Movie Theater Fights Spread of Disease

Ultraviolet (UV) light has long been known to provide germicidal properties and is used in many disinfection applications worldwide. UV light in the UVC range is highly effective at killing many types of viruses and bacteria and helps to prevent mold, mildew, and foul odors. UVC germicidal lamps are used in air purification systems and water and surface disinfection units to fight the spread of disease in many environments.

Many movie theaters are partnering with UV lighting specialists to implement UVC disinfection to protect movie-goers. UV cinemas are helping to entice people back to the theaters knowing there is an extra level of protection against exposure to disease.

Types of Disinfection Systems for UV Mall Theaters

There is an apparent need for disinfection systems in the entertainment industry, and UV mall theaters help protect the hundreds of people going in and out of the movies regularly. Many movie theater owners want to know the best type of UV disinfection system to utilize in their cinema to protect people coming and going after a full day of shopping, where the mall itself is already full of germs from public occupancy in confined spaces. The main transmission route for viruses is through contaminated airborne droplets or aerosols as well as infected surfaces.

Airborne viruses can infect person to person in confined spaces when an infected person talks, coughs, sings or just breathes. Anyone who breathes in the virus is at risk of developing the disease. Touching a surface like the armrests of chairs in movie theaters can also be a breeding ground for disease. When strangers are packed into a movie theater, they may be at an increased risk of exposure if the person next to them or the person who sat in their chair before them transmitted harmful germs.

Types of disinfection systems for UV theaters include air purification, which can be in the form of upper room Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) and UVC lamps for HVAC systems. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, UVGI can effectively reduce exposure to viruses, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus, in various public settings.

UV Mall Theaters Air Purification Systems

UV mall theaters are installing upper room UVGI systems which can be installed in corners or on walls above where people gather. They can have louvers that direct UVC light upwards and away from people, as exposure to UVC light can harm human skin and eyes. Some air purification systems can be completely sealed and disinfect the air as it passes through the unit, releasing fully disinfected air.

UVC lamps can also be installed in HVAC systems to disinfect the air as it passes through the system and release disinfected air through the air ducts. UVC HVAC systems help to protect anyone in the building, and upper room UVGI systems provide added protection for people in enclosed rooms. UV HVAC systems and upper room UVGI systems are usually running continuously, providing constant protection against airborne disease.

UV Theater Surface Disinfection Systems

Surface UV disinfection systems are also being utilized in UV theaters to protect people filling into their seats in theaters. UV roaming robots can be activated and controlled remotely to roam through a theater disinfecting everything in their path. Handheld UV surface devices can also protect surfaces where exposure is likely. Public restrooms in malls and theaters are another ideal area for upper-room UVGI and surface disinfection solutions.

UV Mall Theater UVC Lamp Supplier

LightSources is a leading global supplier of highly specialized UVC germicidal lamps, providing UV disinfection solutions to many industries and applications, including UV cinemas. We offer UVC germicidal lamps for air purification systems, including UV HVAC systems and upper room UVGI disinfection. LightSources provides germicidal UV lamps used in surface disinfection systems and UV robots.

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LightSources offers a wide range of UV lighting solutions, including UVC germicidal lamps. We provide custom lamp design and engineering, and prototype development. Contact us to help protect your employees and visitors with disinfection solutions for UV mall theaters.