UVC light for homeUVC light for home use is increasing with greater accessibility to a variety of products designed to disinfect surfaces and disinfect air in the home. UVC lighting is extremely effective in eliminating many viruses, bacteria, and germs, including mold, mold spores, and surface and airborne pathogens.

UVC Light For Home Disinfection

UVC lamps are often called germicidal lamps and have been used for decades to reduce the spread of bacteria and airborne diseases such as tuberculosis. Home UV lighting products designed with UVC lamps provide added protection in the home to fight against the spread of bacteria and viruses. Home UV lighting products are making UVC disinfection more commonplace in residential settings.

How Do Home UV Lighting Disinfectants Work?

UV lights for home disinfection are designed to emit the proper wavelength to inactivate viruses. Ultraviolet light is invisible and divided into three bands UVA, UVB, and UVC, with UVC light entirely absorbed by the ozone layer. UVC lamps at 254 nm break down the DNA/RNA of germs and destroy nucleic acids in bacteria and other microbes that prevent cell replication. Cells that cannot replicate are considered harmless. UVC lights for disinfection have some limitations in that they must have direct exposure to surfaces and cannot reach inside nooks and crevices on uneven surfaces.

UV lamps designed to emit UVC radiation at 185 nm produce ozone, which is a natural disinfectant and deodorizer and can inactivate harmful airborne microbes without direct exposure. Ozone lamps are often used in HVAC systems to disinfect air as it flows through the heating, venting, and air conditioning systems.

Both 254 nm UV lamps and ozone lamps should not be used with human exposure, as damage to the skin and eyes may occur. Far UVC lamps are another type of UV lights for home disinfection that is gaining in popularity and are safer to use in the presence of humans.

Types of Home UV Lighting Disinfectants

Countertops, Small, Personal Objects

uv light for home

Many types of products exist for UVC light home disinfection, such as handheld devices to quickly disinfect countertops, small or personal objects. Handheld wands or UVC light containers where people can put phones, keys, cosmetic cases, and other personal objects for disinfection help to keep everyday objects cleaner and free from germs.


Whole Room UV Disinfectants

UV light for home disinfection systems can be located throughout the house in bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms, with a schedule and safety features to continually disinfect when people are not present. Safety features may include audible instructions to evacuate the room, motion detection, and voice alert.

Upper Room UV Air Disinfection

Upper-room UV air disinfection systems are also increasing in popularity for home use, providing safe air exchanges with UVC disinfection. Only quality UVC germicidal lamps should be used in UV air purification systems and should always be installed by a professional.

UV Light for Home Water Disinfection

UVC lights effectively eliminate harmful contaminants in water, including stubborn bacteria that chlorine cannot kill, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. UVC lamps help to maintain clean and healthy water without chemical treatment.

Is UVC Light For Home Use FDA Approved?

Since the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, many people have shown interest in purchasing UVC lamps to disinfect areas and surfaces in their homes and want to know if UVC light for home use is FDA-approved. The FDA provides answers to questions by consumers about the use of home UV lighting disinfection and more information on Far UVC light at 222 nm. UVC radiation is known to destroy the SARS-Coronavirus, which is different than the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19.

Many studies show the effectiveness of UVC light in killing the SARS-CoV-2 virus, although studies are ongoing, and home UV lighting products may not be as effective as studies show depending on the quality of the UVC germicidal lamps used, the type of direct exposure, including dose and duration. Surfaces contaminated with dust, soil, or bodily fluids could block the absorption of UV radiation and hinder germicidal effectiveness.

UVC Home UV Lighting Lamp Supplier

LightSources is a leading global supplier of innovative UVC germicidal lamps and technology found in water, surface, and UV air disinfection systems. LightSources is recognized for providing first-to-market UV germicidal solutions developed from extensive research and development and proprietary technologies. Our UV lamp designers and engineers possess deep technical knowledge of UV electromagnetic radiation, lamp design and engineering, and market application experience.

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LightSources follows a strict quality policy as an ISO9001:2015 UV lamp supplier, offering quality products manufactured with high-quality soft and quartz glass that undergo rigorous testing. We offer OEM-oriented solutions, including prototype development and custom-designed lamps, custom ceramic bases, and sockets. Contact us to speak with an engineer about long-lasting, high-quality UVC light for home lamp solutions.