Trust LightSources to Help Make Your
Specialty Lighting Vision a Reality

From prototype to finished product, we partner with small and medium size OEMs and entrepreneurs to design, engineer, test and deliver customized specialty lamps that meet the requirements of almost any application imaginable.
We offer unmatched flexibility and turnaround. With our innovative solutions, clients can distinguish themselves in the marketplace with their own proprietary products and private brands; thus ensuring them of a large/profitable aftermarket re-lamp annuity.
Some of the advantages of working with LightSources Include:

  • Internal engineering resources – with our engineering expertise we can assist OEMs in developing the right custom specialty lamp for their applications
  • Broad product line experience including – UVC quartz & soft glass germicidal lamps, LPUVC amalgam lamps, HID-MPUV curing lamps, specialty fluorescent UVA & UVB lamps, low pressure tanning lamps and high pressure facial tanning lamps, high CRI specialty color long-life fluorescent lamps, medical lamps, aquarium lamps, horticulture lamps, cinematography lamps and any other custom specialty fluorescent lamp you need to meet your application need.
  • Flexible run sizes – we can handle small runs of just a few lamps to huge runs for mass-market applications.  We serve OEMs of all sizes with all kinds of different needs.
  • Fast Turnaround – We know that the world moves at the “speed of light” and we strive to do so as well.

Serving our clients with the highest quality care means building strong, strategic partnerships. These relationships enable us to commence mass-production of new types of proprietary and specialty lamps cost-effectively and with short turnaround.
As an OEM-focused specialty lamp company, the LightSources group knows how to build and maintain long-term business alliances that add value and profits to our OEM customers’ bottom-line.

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