Our companies are international leaders in key technologies that have strong and lasting growth potential. In addition to following all applicable regulatory requirements in our industries, we implement our own standardized procedures in each of our locations, ensuring the utmost attention to detail, the highest level of quality, and global process consistency.

Our goal is to remain technological leaders in our industries so that we can continue to give our clients a measurable advantage. Our worldwide manufacturing factories utilize custom-designed manufacturing equipment fabricated in-house to better serve our customers’ unique needs. Additionally, our factories operate flexibly, allowing us to respond quickly to customer requests for order adjustments or alterations.

Research and Development
Our commitment to continuing to grow our leadership position demands a strong and highly talented research and development team. Our US and European R&D and engineering teams continuously strive to improve the quality, efficiency, reliability and performance of our lighting products. Their efforts enable our companies to stay at the forefront of innovative developments, and to respond rapidly and flexibly to emerging trends or new international standards such as for air purification, treating ballast water with UV, industrial HVAC systems and many others..

Through research and development, we continue to fulfill our clients’ specific requirements with new types of specialty lamps for numerous applications, including UVC germicidal applications, outdoor signs, tanning or cosmetic equipment.

Certifications and Quality Assurance
The LightSources group and strategic partners LightTech and Cerlux consists of ISO9001 certified companies dedicated to an international standard of excellence.  Certificate downloads:

Quality Management System Certificate: ISO 13485:2003

Quality Management System Certificate:  ISO 9001:2015

Lloyd’s Register Certificate of Approval:  ISO 9001:2015


Quality in North America

Our US headquarters in Orange, Connecticut, meet the standards of high quality products and customer satisfaction demanded by today’s world market. In 2001, LightSources and LCD Lighting were registered as compliant with the ISO:9001 Quality System standard. We also maintain compliance to AS9100, the aerospace industry’s quality system standard requirements. We were successfully re-certified in 2004, 2007 and 2009. Additionally, we are audited every 6 months to assure our systems remain effective.  Since 2001, LightSources and LCD Lighting have been proudly certified and registered by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

The companies prepare a quality development plan every year in addition to the product and manufacturing plans. This quality development plan affects all aspects of quality development, including those not directly related to technology and manufacturing processes such as education, computer engineering, measuring system, etc.

Quality in Europe

Since 1998, LightTech’s factories have been working under the regulations of MSZ EN ISO 9001, which is certified annually by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

Accredited UV Lamp Measurement Laboratory
To our clients’ advantage, we run state-of-the art UV lamp measurement and testing laboratories in Europe and the US. Our laboratory competency ensures that the latest lamp technologies are fine-tuned to different types of OEM equipment and are measured accordingly. Through this service, we are able to supply optimal lamp types and models to meet the many different global standards.

Our measuring and testing services are available to clients for all lamp types, whether they are individual or in equipment.

In 2010, our laboratory became accredited by the National Accreditation Body (NAT). Previously, it was accredited by DAR (German Accreditation Organization). Accreditation assures the laboratory is working according to best practices and adhering to all necessary standards.

Specific to Norway, all tanning lamps and all tanning units have to be registered at NRPA (Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority). Registration requires device measurement.  Our laboratory is one of the few whose measurements are accepted by NRPA.

NAT Accreditation Certificate
Tanning Unit Measurement Report (Sample)

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