Our focus on people and technological advancements governs our business practices. Our global success is founded on our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and our innovative approaches in manufacturing, technology, development and product research. Flexibility and on-time performance will always be an absolute commitment to our clients. The continuous pursuit of adding value and profits to our partners’ bottom line with unique proprietary solutions, high quality products and controlled processes will affect all levels of our daily business operations. Sensing changes in the industries we serve and reacting quickly to global trends will always be the foundation of our success.

A Team Approach to Building Relationships
Building long-term partnerships with clients, employees and suppliers is crucial in creating and maintaining a thriving synergy in a worldwide market. We partner with clients to design and develop proprietary products that substantially contribute to their business success. Meeting our clients’ technically demanding goals is our central objective. We truly consider each and every employee a team player. At a management level, we encourage camaraderie among all individuals in our companies – including the executive staff.

Customer Satisfaction Through Excellence
Collectively, we strive to offer the best products, solutions, and customer service in our industry.  By providing OEMs with proprietary and lasting solutions, LightSources & LightTech helps clients achieve a competitive advantage, secure their after-market business, and assure system performance. Flexibility on every internal level ensures tailor-made lead times and high-quality, innovative specialty lamp products.

A Commitment to Growth
LightSources & LightTech aim to expand their global leading positions in specialty lamp manufacturing by becoming the most technologically progressive supplier in all our fields. We will continue to concentrate on those industries where we already enjoy a leadership standing and grow in those where we can achieve market superiority in the near future.

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