PLL LampGermicidal compact lamps are useful in a wide range of applications and industries, including air and surface disinfection. This type of lamp is broken down into one of two primary categories, short (PLS) or long (PLL). PLL lamps provide higher energy density in a compact footprint versus that of traditional linear lamps.

Due to this compact nature, these low-pressure mercury UVC PLL lamps provide germicidal solutions in applications where full-size germicidal lamps may not be an option. Regardless of type, PLL and PLS compact germicidal lamps feature high germicidal efficacy and can aid in the reduction/disinfection of viruses, bacteria, and harmful pathogens in air, water and surface applications.

Compact UVC Germicidal PLL Lamps

Compact PLL germicidal lamps are highly effective at providing disinfection solutions in cost-efficient, geometrically small foot prints. PLL lighting has become a popular choice with plug in versatility typically available in either 2-pin or 4-pin bases.

Germicidal Applications for UVC PLL LampsCustom Designed PLL Lamps 1

UVC PLL lamps designed to emit ultraviolet radiation in the range of 254 nm is proven to be extremely effective at eliminating various types of harmful pathogens including many types of viruses and bacteria. UVC germicidal lamps are also proven to prevent the buildup of mold and mildew in many environments. UVC ozone lamps are engineered to emit precisely 185 nm of UV radiation and provide sterilization and oxidizing effects such as order control.

UVC lamps designed to produce ozone work in the air without needing direct contact as opposed to 254 nm lamps which must be pointed at the point of sterilization without obstruction. Many types of sterilization systems utilize UVC lamps including short and long PLL lamps to provide a healthier environment with purified air, sterilized water and surfaces.

Germicidal UVC lamps eliminate harmful microorganisms in water and even kill viruses and bacteria that chlorine does not. Compact CFL UVC bulbs provide sterilization solutions to many surface disinfection systems with countless application uses in public, commercial, industrial, and residential settings. UVC lamps help to provide a safer environment in hospitals, restaurants, schools, public transportation systems and more with endless application possibilities.

LightSources Offers Custom Engineered PLL LampsCustom Designed PLL Lamps 2

LightSources and valued partner LightTech are leading global suppliers of UV lamps providing lighting solutions to a wide range of industries and applications. LightTech’s state-of-the-art, modern glass factory in Europe offers custom design and engineering of UV lamps and UVC germicidal lamps, including compact plug-in lamp solutions. CFL bulbs from the LightSources group are available in both quartz glass and soft glass produced from the finest materials with strict quality control.

The high-tech lighting engineers at LightSources offer custom-designed and engineered UVC lamps with custom phosphor blends, prototype design solutions for various types of sterilization systems and production for low and high volume requirements. We follow a strict quality policy aligned with our ISO9001:2015 registration and produce fluorescent and Mercury lamps from the highest of quality materials. Our CFL bulbs are designed to emit 90% of total rated UVC electromagnetic radiation for high-performance up to end-of-life.

UV Germicidal Lamps
UV Germicidal Applications

LightSources is a world leader in providing fluorescent and low-pressure mercury UV lamps for a wide range of industries and applications. We provide custom designed lamps including custom sockets and bases along with proprietary technology to provide longer lamp performance and protection against damage. Contact us to learn more about the highest in quality of CFL bulbs including PLS and PLL lamps.

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