UV air purifierUV air purifier systems are highly effective at sterilizing and purifying the air, proven to eradicate bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, spores, dust mites and many other contaminants and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  UVC lamps generate UV radiation at 254 nanometer (nm) which is required to penetrate the nucleic acid of the harmful cells, altering the DNA to render it harmless and unable to reproduce. UV radiation emitted at 185nm generates ozone which effectively removes odors from the air.

UV air purification systems are proven to be very effective at providing clean and healthy air and offer many benefits across a multitude of applications worldwide.  

UV Air Purifiers Improve Health in Many Environments

UV air purifiers are used in many environments and commercial applications to improve health and well being of residents and visitors.  UV germicidal lamps are commonly used in HVAC systems in public settings such businesses, hospitals, schools, labs and are also available for residential use to provide clean and healthy air to homeowners.  UV air sterilization promotes the health of employees when used in commercial settings, improving productivity and reducing downtime associated with airborne illnesses.  

Clean air is especially important to patients in hospitals and medical facilities as these individuals may already have a compromised immune system.  Medical facilities and scientific labs must also have clean air free from germs and live organisms. Schools can be a breeding ground for the spread of germs and illnesses.  Utilizing UV air purification in schools and campuses can drastically cut down on the spread of germs and disease, decreasing student and faculty illnesses.

Benefits of UV Air Purifier Systems

UV air purifier systems provide many benefits over other methods of air purification.  These benefits can be quite significant and include the following:

  • Quick results – UV air purification systems effectively kill harmful contaminants in just a few seconds of exposure
  • Easy to Operate – UV air purifiers are very simple to maintain as there is no need to purchase, store or dispose of any chemicals
  • Low Maintenance – Very little if any maintenance is required other than changing a bulb and keeping your system clean
  • Safe to Operate – UV air purification systems are safe to operate.  While contaminants are eradicated at the optimum wavelength, UV germicidal lamps are completely safe to human exposure
  • Affordable and Cost-Effective – High quality UVC germicidal lamps offer the most value with long-lasting high performance providing highly cost-effective air purification solutions

UV air purification provides these advantages and many others.  With fast and effective results, ease of use and maintaining and affordable options with long lasting high-quality lamps, UV germicidal lamps provide unsurpassed performance and value.  

Working with an experienced UV lamp manufacturer will ensure that you receive the most effective UVC germicidal solution.  Quality lamps are the key to any successful UV germicidal application.

LightSources Offers High Quality UV Air Purifier Lamps and Accessories

LightSources and our strategic European partner, LightTech, offer high quality UV air purifier lamps and accessories proven to provide long lasting, high-performance.  We design, engineer and manufacture UV C germicidal lamps used in sterilization and purification systems around the world.  Most of our UV germicidal lamps are Low and Medium Pressure Mercury Discharge lamps.

Our Low-Pressure UVC lamps are similar in operation and construction to standard fluorescent lamps although our germicidal lamps are made with quartz or soda-lime glass and do not include the phosphate coating of fluorescent lamps which allows for more UVC radiation to pass through.  

Low Pressure Amalgam lamps are ideal in situations requiring long-term germicidal applications, especially in environments with fluctuations in ambient temperature. The Medium Pressure Mercury Discharge lamps are similar to the High Intensity Discharge lamps as they emit a broadband UV emission rather than narrow band.

Advantages of UVC Germicidal Lamps from LightSources

The LightSources Group offers many advantages including decades of experience, expertise in lighting technology and vast global resources which allow us to provide quality product and on-time delivery.  We provide standard or customized lamp solutions developed in our modern, state-of-the-art glass factory. LightSources conducts continual research and development to provide high-performing, energy efficient lamps and lighting solutions.

High Output UV C quartz germicidal lamps from LightSources provide nearly double the UVC radiation when compared to standard germicidal lamps in similar ambient temperatures.  Our standard quartz germicidal lamps warm up fast in only 30 to 60 seconds and convert electricity up to 40% into UVC radiation. LightSources offers patented spot amalgam technology with robust designed filaments which withstand operating on higher currents.

UVC germicidal lamps are proven to be safe and effective, eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses and microorganisms from air, water and surfaces.  UV air purifier systems provide clean and healthy air in homes and businesses around the world.

UV Germicidal Lamps
LAMP Applications:
UV Germicidal Applications

The LightSources Group offers the most advanced UVC germicidal lamps available today.  We represent the leading high-tech lamp designers and manufacturers, providing energy efficient, high-performance lamp and lighting solutions.  Contact us today to learn more about our germicidal solutions including UV air purifier germicidal lamps.

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