ultraviolet light bulbUltraviolet light bulb technology provides solutions to a wide variety of applications, used in many commercial, industrial and governmental processes around the world.  Ultraviolet lighting technology is used in a multitude of applications, including:

  • UVC Germicidal Applications – Ultraviolet rays delivered at very short wavelengths deliver powerful disinfection properties for killing bacteria and microorganisms.  UVC technology is used worldwide in water sterilization applications such as wastewater treatment plants in local municipalities and the shipping trades for the disinfection of ballast water in ships traveling in international waters.  UVC provides effective sterilization in air sterilization and food purification systems, utilized in public areas, restaurants and grocery stores.
  • Medical Industry – Ultraviolet light bulb technology is used in the medical industry, providing powerful disinfection to manufacturers of sterile supplies, and used to purify the air in hospitals and doctor offices for the benefit of those suffering with asthma or lung disease.
  • Tanning industry – UV lamps are critical in the tanning industry as your tanning bed is only as good as your ultraviolet light bulbs.  Salon professionals benefit from learning about the technology available for long lasting, high performing and cost effective tanning lamp solutions.
  • Phototherapy – Ultraviolet light bulbs provide phototherapy to patients who benefit from UV technology to improve skin disorders and elevate the mood in those suffering from depression and seasonal affective disorders.
  • UV Curing –  Ultraviolet technology is used in curing processes by manufacturers and OEMs around the globe to instantly dry inks, coatings and adhesives much faster than other drying methods with higher quality results.  UV curing is proven cost effective in a multitude of industrial and commercial processes worldwide, including bottle treating, screen printing, and secondary applications on various manufactured components.

LightSources along with our European partner, LightTech, is committed to investing in R&D, with large divisions on both continents that are dedicated to developing innovative UV lighting solutions with eco-friendly, green practices.  We provide quick turn-around time for JIT delivery in soft glass & quartz glass products.

LightSources Provides Advanced Ultraviolet Light Bulb Solutions

UVC Germicidal Lamps – LightSources has developed superior UVC germicidal lamps that are proven effective over other methods for sterilizing viruses, bacteria and fungi.  LightSources and LightTech provide unmatched resources in delivering a vast selection of high quality standard products and knowledgeable engineers to custom design UVC germicidal solutions for any application.

Amalgam Lamps – The LightSources group has developed cutting edge technology in high performing spot & pellet amalgam UVC light bulbs.  Patented amalgam pellet technology provides superior efficiency, and quick ROI with less maintenance and replacement costs.  Our high performing proprietary products deliver UVC output with 60% & 80% dimming operation mode, reducing energy requirements while producing higher UVC intensity when compared to standard lamps of the same size.  One of our patented technologies, LongLife+™, is a coating applied to all our amalgam lamps, increasing the UVC output up to three times that of a standard lamp.

Specialty UV lamps – Our valued partner, LCD Lighting, offers specialty fluorescent lighting solutions in a wide selection of standard lamps, with custom designed options available.  LCD Lighting is a global leader in designing and manufacturing T2, T4, T5, T8 and T12 fluorescent lamps, in addition to HCFL-aperture and reflectors, CCFL Sub-minis, compact fluorescent and aquarium lighting solutions.  Following the philosophy of the LightSources group, LCDL provides customized solutions for all lighting products.

Eco-Friendly UV Low-Mercury Lamps –   Our vast resources allow us to invest in eco-friendly technology to delivery long lasting, high-performing light bulbs that use far less energy than comparable models from other suppliers.  LightSources leads the industry with cutting edge technology developed with environmentally friendly practices that also deliver energy efficient solutions.

Low Pressure Fluorescent, High Pressure Facial Tanning Lamps, and Dual and Triple-Phosphor Tanning Lamps – LightSources partners with our clients, educating salon professionals on the most innovative ultraviolet light bulb technology available in tanning lamps such as our SolGlass™ technology that delivers instant gratification with narrow-band UVA rays, combined with short wave UVB for long lasting pigmentation. We offer multitude of cutting edge tanning technology such as: A-Power™, Multitone™, Peak2®, twist/swirl & proprietary bases.  Custom solutions allow for enhancing your own brand awareness, increasing your market share.

LightSources Partners with OEMs Large and Small

The lighting specialists at LightSources partner with our customers from prototype through finished product, including assistance with obtaining your own patented product for your custom designed solution.

Our state-of-the-art glass factory in Europe is a modern facility with large capacity to meet the needs of the most demanding OEMs in various industries.  We supply commercial, industrial, private, public and government operations with the highest of quality in ultraviolet light bulb solutions, developed for long life to save you money, with quick turn around on standard or custom designed solutions.

LightSources and our valued partner companies – LightTech, Cerlux, LCD Lighting, and Voltarc represent the leading high-tech manufacturers and designers in the lamp industry today. Our standard lamps and components as well as customized products offer lighting solutions to meet our partner’s unique needs.  Contact us to learn more about our vast selection of lamps and proprietary lighting solutions.

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