uses of lightUltraviolet and fluorescent lamps provide a multitude of technologically advanced uses of light, with specialty lamp designers harnessing the power of UV radiation for many commercial and industrial purposes around the globe.  The LightSources Group is a leading specialty lamp manufacturer with in-depth knowledge of the many uses of light, providing effective and cost-efficient lamps for several applications.  Some of the most common uses of UV and fluorescent lighting include:

  • Illumination – lighting for homes, offices, warehouses
  • Signs – illuminating signs in any shape or size
  • Backlighting applications – miniature fluorescent lighting is used in avionic display illumination and backlighting in computer and technological applications
  • Phototherapy – UV lights provide health benefits to a wide range of illnesses
  • Tanning – LightSources provides patented technology for maximum tanning effects
  • UV Curing – UV curing solutions are used in many industries to improve quality and cost- efficient operations
  • UVC Germicidal Applications – Ultraviolet energy is highly effective at eradicating bacteria and viruses from air, water and surfaces

Illumination with Specialty UV Lamps

Illumination is the obvious and most common of the many uses of light, with a wide variety of types and styles of ultraviolet and fluorescent lighting available.  Fluorescent light bulbs have a phosphor coating on the inside which converts the ultraviolet radiation into visible light.

LightSources offers specialty fluorescent lamps and lighting solutions in a wide array of standard lamp sizes with custom options available.  Our valued partner, LCD Lighting (LCDL), is a leading manufacturer of T2, T4, T5, T8 and T12 fluorescent lamps.  LCDL also provides CCFL sub-minis, HCFL-aperture and reflectors, compact fluorescent lamps and aquarium lighting solutions.

LCDL offers a wide range of standard sizes and custom sign designs for home or commercial use.

Phototherapy Uses of Light Provide Medicinal Benefits

UV lamps provide phototherapy to people that suffer from a wide range of medical ailments.  UV lamps are proven to improve skin conditions such as psoriasis, and improve mood disorders including depression and seasonal affective disorder.


LightSources offers highly effective tanning solutions with patented and proprietary technology to provide greater tanning intensity with longer lasting effects.  Our low-pressure fluorescent, dual and triple-phosphor and high pressure facial tanning lamps deliver innovative solutions to tanning salons, providing greater satisfaction to clients.

We transform the many uses of UV light into the most effective tanning lamps available today with our cutting-edge tanning technology including: Multitone™, A-Power™, SolGlass® and Peak 2® technology with custom twist and swirl proprietary bases.

UV Curing

Ultraviolet radiation is used by OEMs and manufacturers worldwide to instantly dry paints, inks, coatings and adhesives.  UV curing causes a chemical reaction on certain polymers that creates a strong, unbreakable bond or quickly dries outer surfaces.

UV curing is proven to be effective at curing and bonding, and more efficient and cost saving than other methods such as air drying or chemical use.  Air drying can leave an inconsistent surface due to evaporation, and use of chemicals can pose hazards for employees.  UV curing is used in many commercial and industrial processes around the globe, including screen printing, surface treating on various parts and components and secondary applications in a variety of processes.

UVC Germicidal Lamps

Ultraviolet light delivered at short wavelengths provides very powerful disinfection properties that quickly eradicate viruses, bacteria and microorganisms.  Germicidal applications are one of the many uses of light practiced worldwide for sterilization of water, air and surfaces.  UVC germicidal lamps are used in a wide variety of applications such as purifying the air in hospitals and doctor offices, sterilizing water in local municipalities’ waste water treatment plants.

UVC germicidal water treatments are also used in the international shipping trade to treat the ballast water in ships, preventing the spread of dangerous and toxic marine organisms, protecting the oceans of our planet.

UVC germicidal lamps are also beneficial in the food industry, sterilizing food purification systems in restaurants, grocery stores and public areas.

The LightSources Group Develops Cutting Edge Lighting Technology

The LightSources group is dedicated to research and development, providing cutting edge lighting technology in the many uses of light available.  Our Amalgam lamps incorporate patented technology such as LongLife™, a specialty coating applied to all amalgam lamps to increase the UVC output up to three times what a standard lamp produces.

Our proprietary technology and patented products deliver high intensity with longer lasting high performance.  When it comes to the numerous beneficial uses of light, no one knows this technology better than LightSources.  We provide custom solutions from experienced and skilled design engineers that have in-depth knowledge of all types of lamps and lighting solutions.

The LightSources Group and our valued partner companies – LightTech, LCD Lighting, Voltarc and Cerlux – represent the leading manufacturers and high-tech lamps designers in the lighting industry today.  Contact us to learn more about our superior lighting solutions with custom designed lamp products for virtually any application. 

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