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Quality Lamps Enhance Benefits of UV Air Purifier Systems

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UV air purifierUV air purifier systems are highly effective at sterilizing and purifying the air, proven to eradicate bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, spores, dust mites and many other contaminants and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  UVC lamps generate UV radiation at 254 nanometer (nm) which is required to penetrate the nucleic acid of the harmful cells, altering the DNA to render it harmless and unable to reproduce. UV radiation emitted at 185nm generates ozone which effectively removes odors from the air.

UV air purification systems are proven to be very effective at providing clean and healthy air and offer many benefits across a multitude of applications worldwide.  

UV Air Purifiers Improve Health in Many Environments

UV air purifiers are used in many environments and commercial applications to improve health and well being of residents and visitors.  UV germicidal lamps are commonly used in HVAC systems in public settings such businesses, hospitals, schools, labs and are also available for residential use to provide clean and healthy air to homeowners.  UV air sterilization promotes the health of employees when used in commercial settings, improving productivity and reducing downtime associated with airborne illnesses.  

Clean air is especially important to patients in hospitals and medical facilities as these individuals may already have a compromised immune system.  Medical facilities and scientific labs must also have clean air free from germs and live organisms. Schools can be a breeding ground for the spread of germs and illnesses.  Utilizing UV air purification in schools and campuses can drastically cut down on the spread of germs and disease, decreasing student and faculty illnesses.

Benefits of UV Air Purifier Systems

UV air purifier systems provide many benefits over other methods of air purification.  These benefits can be quite significant and include the following:

Quick results – UV air purification systems effectively kill harmful contaminants in just a few seconds of exposure

Easy to Operate – UV air purifiers are very simple to maintain as there is no need to purchase, store or dispose of any chemicals

Low Maintenance – Very little if any maintenance is required other than changing a bulb and keeping your system clean.  

Safe to Operate – UV air purification systems are safe to operate.  While contaminants are eradicated at the optimum wavelength, UV germicidal lamps are completely safe to human exposure.

Affordable and Cost-Effective – High quality UVC germicidal lamps offer the most value with long-lasting high performance providing highly cost-effective air purification solutions.

UV air purification provides these advantages and many others.  With fast and effective results, ease of use and maintaining and affordable options with long lasting high-quality lamps, UV germicidal lamps provide unsurpassed performance and value.  

Working with an experienced UV lamp manufacturer will ensure that you receive the most effective UVC germicidal solution.  Quality lamps are the key to any successful UV germicidal application.

LightSources Offers High Quality UV Air Purifier Lamps and Accessories

LightSources and our strategic European partner, LightTech, offer high quality UV air purifier lamps and accessories proven to provide long lasting, high-performance.  We design, engineer and manufacture UV C germicidal lamps used in sterilization and purification systems around the world.  Most of our UV germicidal lamps are Low and Medium Pressure Mercury Discharge lamps.

Our Low-Pressure UVC lamps are similar in operation and construction to standard fluorescent lamps although our germicidal lamps are made with quartz or soda-lime glass and do not include the phosphate coating of fluorescent lamps which allows for more UVC radiation to pass through.  

Low Pressure Amalgam lamps are ideal in situations requiring long-term germicidal applications, especially in environments with fluctuations in ambient temperature. The Medium Pressure Mercury Discharge lamps are similar to the High Intensity Discharge lamps as they emit a broadband UV emission rather than narrow band.

Advantages of UVC Germicidal Lamps from LightSources

The LightSources Group offers many advantages including decades of experience, expertise in lighting technology and vast global resources which allow us to provide quality product and on-time delivery.  We provide standard or customized lamp solutions developed in our modern, state-of-the-art glass factory. LightSources conducts continual research and development to provide high-performing, energy efficient lamps and lighting solutions.

High Output UV C quartz germicidal lamps from LightSources provide nearly double the UVC radiation when compared to standard germicidal lamps in similar ambient temperatures.  Our standard quartz germicidal lamps warm up fast in only 30 to 60 seconds and convert electricity up to 40% into UVC radiation. LightSources offers patented spot amalgam technology with robust designed filaments which withstand operating on higher currents.

UVC germicidal lamps are proven to be safe and effective, eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses and microorganisms from air, water and surfaces.  UV air purifier systems provide clean and healthy air in homes and businesses around the world.

The LightSources Group offers the most advanced UVC germicidal lamps available today.  We represent the leading high-tech lamp designers and manufacturers, providing energy efficient, high-performance lamp and lighting solutions.  Contact us today to learn more about our germicidal solutions including UV air purifier germicidal lamps.

green leaf and water drop

A UV water purifier is an extremely effective and cost-efficient method of purifying and sterilizing water for a wide range of applications.  UVC radiation is used in UV water sterilization systems around the world, proven effective at cleaning and purifying water in various forms.  Light is broken into colors and measured by wavelengths in nanometers (nm). Ultraviolet (UV) light has shorter wavelengths than visible light measuring in the range of 10nm to 400nm, with the most effective UVC germicidal radiation occurring between 100nm to 280nm.

UVC technology is used in UV water purification systems around the world to deliver a safe and highly effective method of cleansing and sterilizing water for numerous purposes.  UV radiation targets the nucleic acid of the cells in bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms naked to the human eye, altering the DNA of these cells and rendering harmful contaminants completely harmless.  As the cells are destroyed, these microorganisms are unable to replicate which renders them dead as they cannot reproduce to infectious levels.

UV Water Purifier Applications  

A UV water purifier provides effective and cost-efficient water purification and sterilization to a multitude of applications worldwide.  UVC germicidal technology offers technologically advanced, effective and cost-efficient germicidal solutions to the following water applications:

  • Aqua culture
  • Drinking water
  • Life Sciences
  • Pool and Spa
  • Wastewater
  • Water Reclamation
  • and many others  

Aqua Culture Benefits from Water Purifier Systems

UV water purifier systems offer valuable disinfection services to marine life in aquariums and hatcheries, providing safe water for fish to thrive free from dangerous bacteria and contaminants.  UVC germicidal lamps sterilize and purify water with the optimum wavelength of 254nm, which effectively destroys viruses, bacteria and harmful contaminants. UV water purification is also effective at destroying harmful contaminants and parasites such as the myxozoan parasite, preventing disease in fish in both saltwater and freshwater applications.

The high output quartz germicidal lamps along with low pressure amalgam lamps by LightSources enhance the life and well being of fish and marine life, with the most effective and cost-efficient UV aqua culture solutions available today.

UV Water Purifier Provides Safe Drinking Water

UV radiation is utilized in municipalities to sanitize and disinfect drinking water, enhancing the health and well being of people across many populations.  UVC lamps effectively reduce chloramines and chloride in water, oxidizing and sanitizing water without the use of harmful by-products. Ozone producing lamps at 185nm effectively kill virtually any virus form, while UV radiation at 254nm sanitizes water by targeting cell’s DNA to eradicate any ability to reproduce.

UVC lamps used in water purification systems offer many benefits over the use of chemical sanitizers.  Benefits of UV radiation for drinking water include:

  • Eradicates harmful organisms instantly including those resistant to chemical disinfection such as cryptosporidium and giardia bacterium
  • Organisms do not develop a resistance to UV radiation
  • Effective with short radiation time
  • Minimal maintenance
  • No need to purchase, store or dispose of chemicals
  • Low operating costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Does not alter pH balance, odor or taste

LightSources offers low pressure standard quartz germicidal lamps and low pressure high output germicidal lamps to purify drinking water systems around the world.

Life Sciences Enhanced with UV Water Purifier

Water used in the medical industry including biotechnology and pharmaceuticals require water purified to a mandated level to maintain clean and sterile water free from contaminants.  UV water purifiers are used in biotechnology, pharmacology, nanotechnology, genetic and medical testing, bioengineering and medical device laboratories.

The LightSources Group manufactures high output lamps at 800mA and standard lamps at 425mA utilized in life science applications worldwide.  

Pool & Spa Water Purification

UV germicidal lamps are used to treat pool and spa water, with ozone producing germicidal lamps purifying water 3,000 times quicker than chlorine, with no harmful chemical residue.

UV Wastewater Treatment Systems

Wastewater is defined as water that as been affected in quality by the influence of humans including varying contaminants when discharged from commercial properties, agricultural applications and domestic residences.

UVC water purifier systems effective treat waste water instead of chemical disinfectants to enhance public safety while meeting all federal and local strict water purification standards.

Water Reclamation with UV Water Purifiers

Water reclamation is a critical component of any water management system by eradicating pollutants from eco-systems and eliminating contaminants flowing into natural bodies of water.  Water reclamation purifies water to be recycled for other uses such as cooling power plants, mixing concrete or agricultural irrigation. Greenhouse water systems benefit from UVC germicidal technology, keeping plants healthy with clean water.   

LightSources Offers Effective and Cost-Efficient UV Water Purifier Systems

LightSources and our valued partner, LightTech, provide high performing, industry leading lighting solutions which deliver energy efficient cost savings over comparable lamps.  We are dedicated to continual improvement through research and development, consistently offering cutting edge, industry leading UV lamp technology with high performing patented products.

Our vast resources allow us to provide timely delivery with high quality product, supporting OEMs worldwide with UVC germicidal solutions.

LightSources and our valued partner companies represent the leading high-tech lamp designers in the industry.  Contact us today to speak with an engineer to learn more about our UVC germicidal solutions including our powerful lamps for UV water purifier systems.

uv tube lightUV tube light is available in all shapes and sizes, used in homes and businesses to highlight our favorite rooms and illuminate work spaces. UV light also provides several advantages and benefits across a multitude of industrial, commercial and personal applications. Ultraviolet light is either UVA, UVB or UVC and is emitted at various wavelengths measured as nanometers (nm).

UV Tube Light Technology is Proven Effective to Clean and Purify Air and Water

UV tube light technology is proven to be highly effective at cleaning and purifying air and water. People living in all parts of the world are concerned about access to clean water, which is essential for health and overall well-being.  UVC radiation eliminates bacteria and harmful contaminants from water without affecting the taste, properties or altering the pH.  This is an effective method of water sterilization, that is also proven to be safe without the use of chemicals or harmful volatile organic compounds, VOCs, released into the environment.

UVC water purification is used in municipalities across the country, numerous industrial and commercial processes, and is now also available for in-home consumer use to purify drinking water.  There are several applications where UVC germicidal lamps enhance people’s lives and contribute to a healthy environment.

LightSources is a Leading Supplier of UV Tube Light Technology

LightSources is a leading global supplier of UV light technology, bringing innovative lighting products to market through continual research and development. LightSources and our European partner, LightTech, provide effective and reliable lighting solutions across a multitude of industries and applications.

Our UVC germicidal lamps are used in a number of applications to provide clean and purified air and water enhancing the lives of people and animals around the world.

UV Light Technology for Safe Drinking Water

UV technology is proven effective at eliminating harmful bacteria in water, including bacteria such as giardia and cryptosporidium that is resistant to chemical treatment. Moreover, UV germicidal lamps do not leave harmful chemical residue and biological contaminants do not build resistance to UV germicidal light.

UVC technology provides clean and safe drinking water, enhancing public health with environmentally friendly methods that do not alter the pH, odor or taste of the water.

UV Tube Light Technology Benefits Aquaculture

UVC germicidal lamps provide important disinfection qualities to marine life in fish hatcheries, rearing farms, aquariums and other aquaculture applications. UV tube lights are a vital component to the health and well-being of marine life in many environments.

Ballast Water Treatment Systems

 With the recent Ballast Water Treatment Convention that took effect in September 2017, ships sailing through international waters are required to have an effective ballast water treatment system on their vessel. Polluted ballast water is recognized as one of the greatest threats to the world’s oceans. When ships pick up ballast water in one port and release it into a new foreign area, invading marine organisms can thrive without natural predators from their home environment, and in many cases destroying shipping industries.

LightSources provides high-quality UVC germicidal lamps which provide safe and effective treatment of ballast water, in compact designs taking up a small footprint and requiring minimal maintenance.

UV Light Purification Enhances Commercial and Industrial Applications

LightSources provides UV light technology to enhance processes and applications across a multitude of industries including:

  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Sterilization of medical equipment and services
  • Bottled beverage industry
  • Food and grocery industry
  • Swimming pool and spa
  • Air purification in institutions like hospitals and nursing homes

LightSources and LightTech provide air and water purification to these and many other commercial and industrial applications. Our strategic partnership offers decades of expertise with vast resources, providing on-time delivery to OEMs worldwide.  We offer low-pressure standard quartz and low pressure high output germicidal lamps, effective at generating UV radiation between 185nm and 254nm.  UV radiation at 185nm produces ozone which is one of the most effective methods to kill bacteria and viruses. UV radiation emitted at 254nm is proven effective at sanitizing air, water and surfaces. UVC radiation alters the DNA of bacteria which renders its unable to reproduce, thus eliminating the harmful threat.

LightSources and our affiliated partners provide customized solutions with skilled design engineers possessing in-depth knowledge of UV technology for all applications. Our valued partner, Cerlux, provides custom bases and sockets matched to the color of your choice. Contact our engineering department if you are faced with challenging configurations or unique specifications.

LightSources Group represents the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry. We are global suppliers to a multitude of industries offering patent protected, OEM solutions. Contact us today for more information or to speak with an engineer about our UV lighting technology including the versatile UV tube light.

uv lightingThe power and energy of ultraviolet lighting has been used for many years providing valuable uses and applications to a multitude of personal, commercial and industrial uses.  Light is broken down by color, with ultraviolet (UV) light simply meaning “beyond violet”, which is the highest frequency in visible light.  UV light is not visible to the human eye.  UV lighting is a form of electromagnetic radiation emitted at various wavelengths, measured in nanometers (nm).

Ultraviolet Lighting is either UVA, UVB, or UVC

UVA lighting includes the emission of the common blacklight with a range of 315nm to 400nm.  UVB lighting is found in natural sunlight causing a sunburn with wavelengths measuring between 280 to 315nm.  Both UVA and UVB lights are used to enhance many industries such as altering the properties of polymers by causing a photochemical reaction.   Photochemical reactions are used to instantly dry polymers such as inks, varnishes and polymer resins to provide added strength and durability.

UVC lighting is found in the shorter wavelengths measuring 200 to 280nm and is proven highly effective in sterilization and purification purposes across many commercial and medical industries.  UVB lighting is also very powerful to purify and disinfect air and water treatment systems.

As you can see, there are several useful purposes of UV lighting that can enhance the way we manufacture and treat products, clean our air, water and surfaces, and all with environmentally friendly practices.

Types of UV Lighting Lamps  

UV lighting is developed in three basic styles of UV lamps for use in sterilization and curing processes.  The three basic categories of UV lamps are:

  • Low Pressure Amalgam Lamps
  • Medium Pressure UV Lamps (MPUV) and Medium Pressure High Output (MPHO)
  • High Pressure UV (HPUV) Lamps

LightSources is the Leading Manufacturer of all UV Lighting Lamp Styles

LightSources and our European partner, LightTech, are leading global manufacturers of all UV lighting solutions, with many resources including our modern glassworks facility in Hungary.  We continually conduct research and development projects to bring cutting edge technology to the forefront of the industry in the form of high performing, long-lasting lamps and lamp products.

LightSources has contributed several patented products with advanced proprietary technology, outperforming the competition of comparable lamp styles and types.  Our UV lamps and lighting solution products are found around the world, providing value to several applications and industries

LightSources Produces High Performing Low-Pressure Amalgam Lamps

Pellet amalgam technology developed by LightSources has several benefits over spot amalgam technology.  LightSources and LightTech lead the industry with patented pellet amalgam lamps.  Our low-pressure pellet amalgam lamps produce higher UV output in dimming conditions than spot amalgam lamps.  With this technology, we are able to provide OEMs the benefit of higher UV output with reduced costs.  Our amalgam lamps produce up to three times more output than comparable lamps of the same size.

Our low-pressure amalgam lamps are useful in curing applications such as instant drying and hardening of inks, varnishes, glazes and resins.  You can also find our LP amalgam technology in germicidal applications such as disinfecting water in various treatment systems, including ships ballast water treatment systems.

Medium Pressure UV (MPUV) and Medium Pressure High Output (MPHO)

Medium pressure UV lamps are useful in the curing process when emitting UVA light in the range of 367 to 400nm, which is the most effective wavelength for curing inks and varnishes.  MPUV lamps are also highly effective in UVC germicidal and microbial disinfection applications.  With vacuum sealed lamps we are a leading producer of UV lighting solutions used in water purification applications, such as water treatment plants and ships ballast water treatment systems.

Medium Pressure High Output (MPHO) lamps are effective in wavelengths ranging from 200 to 400nm, generating high-temperatures between 600 and 900° C.  LightSources offers custom solutions with any wattage ranging from 100 watts per inch (WPI) to 700 WPI, and sizes from 2 to 85 inches.

LightSources offers High Pressure UV Lamps (HPUV)

LightSources offers HPUV lamps also referred to as Halide lamps with short wavelength outputs peaking at 254 to 365nm. HPUV lamps emit high output to instantly harden resins and epoxies.  LightSources provides custom HPUV solutions with additives such as Gallium-iodide which can increase the wavelengths to 400nm.

Many industries realize the benefit of HPUV lighting such as automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, medical, water treatment processes and many more.

LightSources Provides Custom UV Lighting Solutions for Any Application

No size is too large or small with LightSources custom designed lighting solutions. Our skilled engineers have vast experience in UV technology for virtually any application, with a deep understanding of the technology behind the products.  We manufacture our lamps with the highest of quality materials including hermetic seals with molybdenum foil encasings, pure tungsten pin electrodes and hard quartz capillary materials.  Our lamps are filled with the exact pressure and phosphors required to provide maximum effectiveness for your application.   Our valued partner, Cerlux, offers custom designed ceramic bases available in any color.

LightSources and our valued partner companies follow strict ISO Registered quality practices, with full traceability with serial numbers throughout the production process.  Contact us today to learn more about our UV lamps and all UV lighting solutions.

uv light curingUV light curing is the process of altering the properties of polymers, or photopolymers which refers to polymers that undergo changes to their molecular structure when exposed to light.  UV light emits invisible electromagnetic radiation, causing a change in properties to photopolymers.

UV light will cause a photopolymer, which are a wide variety of resins, to instantly dry, harden or seal with an unbreakable bond.

UV light is used in many curing processes worldwide by industrial, commercial and government manufacturing and production companies to improve their process.  By exposing their manufactured polymer products to UV radiation, they can instantly dry ink on parts and strengthen surfaces without using harmful chemicals or solvents.  Some examples of processes that benefit from UV curing include:

  • Instantly drying of inks, lacquers and varnishes
  • Creating an improved adhesive bond
  • Enhancing decorative glazes
  • Drying outer surface coatings
  • Improving graphic designs
  • Screen printing
  • Sterilizing of surfaces, air and water
  • Sterilizing medical equipment

This is only a short list of the multitude of benefits realized by UV curing.  As more and more businesses realize the many benefits of curing with UV radiation, there will continue to be an increase in companies adopting this superior curing method in their processes.

Types of UV Light Curing Lamps

The three basic types of lamps used in UV curing processes are:

  • Low Pressure Amalgam Lamps
  • Medium Pressure UV (MPUV) Lamps
  • High Pressure UV (HPUV) Lamps

Low pressure amalgam lamps are typically used for polymer curing, although they can also be highly effective in germicidal applications.  Medium Pressure lamps are effective in germicidal applications and are typically used for air, water and surface sterilization, while high pressure lamps are typically used to alter the properties of photopolymers in many UV curing processes.

Benefits of UV Light Curing

There are a multitude of benefits to using UV lights for curing, some of the most important would be efficiency, consistency and safety.


There is no other method that is quite as efficient at curing products as using UV light.  Depending on your operation, you could utilize specific UV light curing machines for your process or use more of a conveyor type of UV curing station to instantly treat numerous parts, without even touching them.  Imagine the time, money and labor you save by having an instant curing process occurring simply while your parts are being transported from one station to another such as quality inspection or shipping.

The alternative methods such as drying or using solvents are less desirable due to several factors.  Force drying or air-drying products leaves them susceptible to inconsistencies with evaporation and possible contamination, and takes more time than an instant UV cure.  In manufacturing, time is money, and anytime you can improve your cycle time with a higher level of quality, it is evident which method is preferred.   UV light curing dramatically improves throughput and cycle times, with less costs than additional labor and purchasing chemicals which could be harmful to employees and the environment.


Consistency is key to producing high quality products.   UV curing produces a consistent process with an even amount of UV exposure applied to parts and products, whereas employees applying a chemical spray for an outer coating can produce inconsistencies in the finished product.  Allowing parts to air dry also leaves room for an inconsistent finished surface due to evaporation.  As all quality minded OEM’s are aware, consistency increases the quality of products in all processes.

Safety and Health of Employees

While efficiency and consistency are top considerations for any production process, the safety and health of your workforce is also a top consideration.  With UV curing there is no emission of harmful pollutants and chemicals in the air, and no need to purchase or store hazardous materials and maintain material safety data sheets on such materials.  Using ultraviolet radiation is effective on photopolymers, and safe to the environment and your workforce.    

With all these benefits, it is no wonder that OEMs, quality and production managers are realizing the value of ultraviolet radiation to enhance their production processes.  Cost efficient and consistent processes dramatically increase throughput and profitability.  Combined with health and safety practices UV curing is the most desirable of processes used to cure product surfaces.

LightSources Leads the Industry in UV Light Curing Lamps

LightSources and our European partner, LightTech, lead the industry with high quality UV lamps and custom designed solutions.  As an ISO registered lighting specialist, we understand the importance of high-quality product, delivered on time.  LightSources goes above and beyond any other lighting supplier with knowledgeable engineers ready to provide custom designs and prototypes with the right lamp for your process.  We can develop lighting solutions to be installed vertically or horizontally, while maintaining effectiveness.  Our lamps are proven to maintain effectiveness longer than other comparable types.

LightSources and our valued partner companies represent the leading high-tech lighting specialists and lamp designers in the industry today.  Our products are used in a multitude of industries and applications worldwide.  We offer OEM oriented and patent protected lighting solutions.  We invite you to contact us to learn more about our wide selection of UV light curing lamps.   

uses of lightUltraviolet and fluorescent lamps provide a multitude of technologically advanced uses of light, with specialty lamp designers harnessing the power of UV radiation for many commercial and industrial purposes around the globe.  The LightSources group is a leading specialty lamp manufacturer with in-depth knowledge of the many uses of light, providing effective and cost-efficient lamps for several applications.  Some of the most common uses of UV and fluorescent lighting include:

  • Illumination – lighting for homes, offices, warehouses
  • Signs – illuminating signs in any shape or size
  • Backlighting applications – miniature fluorescent lighting is used in avionic display illumination and backlighting in computer and technological applications
  • Phototherapy – UV lights provide health benefits to a wide range of illnesses
  • Tanning – LightSources provides patented technology for maximum tanning effects
  • UV Curing – UV curing solutions are used in many industries to improve quality and cost- efficient operations
  • UVC Germicidal Applications – Ultraviolet energy is highly effective at eradicating bacteria and viruses from air, water and surfaces

Illumination with Specialty UV Lamps

Illumination is the obvious and most common of the many uses of light, with a wide variety of types and styles of ultraviolet and fluorescent lighting available.  Fluorescent light bulbs have a phosphor coating on the inside which converts the ultraviolet radiation into visible light.

LightSources offers specialty fluorescent lamps and lighting solutions in a wide array of standard lamp sizes with custom options available.  Our valued partner, LCD Lighting (LCDL), is a leading manufacturer of T2, T4, T5, T8 and T12 fluorescent lamps.  LCDL also provides CCFL sub-minis, HCFL-aperture and reflectors, compact fluorescent lamps and aquarium lighting solutions.

LCDL offers a wide range of standard sizes and custom sign designs for home or commercial use.

Phototherapy Uses of Light Provide Medicinal Benefits

UV lamps provide phototherapy to people that suffer from a wide range of medical ailments.  UV lamps are proven to improve skin conditions such as psoriasis, and improve mood disorders including depression and seasonal affective disorder.


LightSources offers highly effective tanning solutions with patented and proprietary technology to provide greater tanning intensity with longer lasting effects.  Our low-pressure fluorescent, dual and triple-phosphor and high pressure facial tanning lamps deliver innovative solutions to tanning salons, providing greater satisfaction to clients.

We transform the many uses of UV light into the most effective tanning lamps available today with our cutting-edge tanning technology including: Multitone™, A-Power™, SolGlass® and Peak 2® technology with custom twist and swirl proprietary bases.

UV Curing

Ultraviolet radiation is used by OEMs and manufacturers worldwide to instantly dry paints, inks, coatings and adhesives.  UV curing causes a chemical reaction on certain polymers that creates a strong, unbreakable bond or quickly dries outer surfaces.

UV curing is proven to be effective at curing and bonding, and more efficient and cost saving than other methods such as air drying or chemical use.  Air drying can leave an inconsistent surface due to evaporation, and use of chemicals can pose hazards for employees.  UV curing is used in many commercial and industrial processes around the globe, including screen printing, surface treating on various parts and components and secondary applications in a variety of processes.

UVC Germicidal Lamps

Ultraviolet light delivered at short wavelengths provides very powerful disinfection properties that quickly eradicate viruses, bacteria and microorganisms.  Germicidal applications are one of the many uses of light practiced worldwide for sterilization of water, air and surfaces.  UVC germicidal lamps are used in a wide variety of applications such as purifying the air in hospitals and doctor offices, sterilizing water in local municipalities’ waste water treatment plants.

UVC germicidal water treatments are also used in the international shipping trade to treat the ballast water in ships, preventing the spread of dangerous and toxic marine organisms, protecting the oceans of our planet.

UVC germicidal lamps are also beneficial in the food industry, sterilizing food purification systems in restaurants, grocery stores and public areas.

The LightSources Group Develops Cutting Edge Lighting Technology

The LightSources group is dedicated to research and development, providing cutting edge lighting technology in the many uses of light available.  Our Amalgam lamps incorporate patented technology such as LongLife™, a specialty coating applied to all amalgam lamps to increase the UVC output up to three times what a standard lamp produces.

Our proprietary technology and patented products deliver high intensity with longer lasting high performance.  When it comes to the numerous beneficial uses of light, no one knows this technology better than LightSources.  We provide custom solutions from experienced and skilled design engineers that have in-depth knowledge of all types of lamps and lighting solutions.

The LightSources Group and our valued partner companies – LightTech, LCD Lighting, Voltarc and Cerlux – represent the leading manufacturers and high-tech lamps designers in the lighting industry today.  Contact us to learn more about our superior lighting solutions with custom designed lamp products for virtually any application. 

ultraviolet light bulbUltraviolet light bulb technology provides solutions to a wide variety of applications, used in many commercial, industrial and governmental processes around the world.  Ultraviolet lighting technology is used in a multitude of applications, including:

  • UVC Germicidal Applications – Ultraviolet rays delivered at very short wavelengths deliver powerful disinfection properties for killing bacteria and microorganisms.  UVC technology is used worldwide in water sterilization applications such as wastewater treatment plants in local municipalities and the shipping trades for the disinfection of ballast water in ships traveling in international waters.  UVC provides effective sterilization in air sterilization and food purification systems, utilized in public areas, restaurants and grocery stores.
  • Medical Industry – Ultraviolet light bulb technology is used in the medical industry, providing powerful disinfection to manufacturers of sterile supplies, and used to purify the air in hospitals and doctor offices for the benefit of those suffering with asthma or lung disease.
  • Tanning industry – UV lamps are critical in the tanning industry as your tanning bed is only as good as your ultraviolet light bulbs.  Salon professionals benefit from learning about the technology available for long lasting, high performing and cost effective tanning lamp solutions.
  • Phototherapy – Ultraviolet light bulbs provide phototherapy to patients who benefit from UV technology to improve skin disorders and elevate the mood in those suffering from depression and seasonal affective disorders.
  • UV Curing –  Ultraviolet technology is used in curing processes by manufacturers and OEMs around the globe to instantly dry inks, coatings and adhesives much faster than other drying methods with higher quality results.  UV curing is proven cost effective in a multitude of industrial and commercial processes worldwide, including bottle treating, screen printing, and secondary applications on various manufactured components.

LightSources along with our European partner, LightTech, is committed to investing in R&D, with large divisions on both continents that are dedicated to developing innovative UV lighting solutions with eco-friendly, green practices.  We provide quick turn-around time for JIT delivery in soft glass & quartz glass products.

LightSources Provides Advanced Ultraviolet Light Bulb Solutions

UVC Germicidal Lamps – LightSources has developed superior UVC germicidal lamps that are proven effective over other methods for sterilizing viruses, bacteria and fungi.  LightSources and LightTech provide unmatched resources in delivering a vast selection of high quality standard products and knowledgeable engineers to custom design UVC germicidal solutions for any application.

Amalgam Lamps – The LightSources group has developed cutting edge technology in high performing spot & pellet amalgam UVC light bulbs.  Patented amalgam pellet technology provides superior efficiency, and quick ROI with less maintenance and replacement costs.  Our high performing proprietary products deliver UVC output with 60% & 80% dimming operation mode, reducing energy requirements while producing higher UVC intensity when compared to standard lamps of the same size.  One of our patented technologies, LongLife+™, is a coating applied to all our amalgam lamps, increasing the UVC output up to three times that of a standard lamp.

Specialty UV lamps – Our valued partner, LCD Lighting, offers specialty fluorescent lighting solutions in a wide selection of standard lamps, with custom designed options available.  LCD Lighting is a global leader in designing and manufacturing T2, T4, T5, T8 and T12 fluorescent lamps, in addition to HCFL-aperture and reflectors, CCFL Sub-minis, compact fluorescent and aquarium lighting solutions.  Following the philosophy of the LightSources group, LCDL provides customized solutions for all lighting products.

Eco-Friendly UV Low-Mercury Lamps –   Our vast resources allow us to invest in eco-friendly technology to delivery long lasting, high-performing light bulbs that use far less energy than comparable models from other suppliers.  LightSources leads the industry with cutting edge technology developed with environmentally friendly practices that also deliver energy efficient solutions.

Low Pressure Fluorescent, High Pressure Facial Tanning Lamps, and Dual and Triple-Phosphor Tanning Lamps – LightSources partners with our clients, educating salon professionals on the most innovative ultraviolet light bulb technology available in tanning lamps such as our SolGlass™ technology that delivers instant gratification with narrow-band UVA rays, combined with short wave UVB for long lasting pigmentation. We offer multitude of cutting edge tanning technology such as: A-Power™, Multitone™, Peak2®, twist/swirl & proprietary bases.  Custom solutions allow for enhancing your own brand awareness, increasing your market share.

LightSources partners with OEMs Large and Small

The lighting specialists at LightSources partner with our customers from prototype through finished product, including assistance with obtaining your own patented product for your custom designed solution.

Our state-of-the-art glass factory in Europe is a modern facility with large capacity to meet the needs of the most demanding OEMs in various industries.  We supply commercial, industrial, private, public and government operations with the highest of quality in ultraviolet light bulb solutions, developed for long life to save you money, with quick turn around on standard or custom designed solutions.

LightSources and our valued partner companies – LightTech, Cerlux, LCD Lighting, and Voltarc represent the leading high-tech manufacturers and designers in the lamp industry today. Our standard lamps and components as well as customized products offer lighting solutions to meet our partner’s unique needs.  Contact us to learn more about our vast selection of lamps and proprietary lighting solutions.

If you’re looking for a quality supplier of quartz lamp products and components, the LightSources group offers proven solutions for any lighting application.  Our valued partner LightTech, along with LCD Lighting, Voltarc and Cerlux provide the best in class lamps for a multitude of industries.  We recognize the importance of quality products, delivered on time and to your specification.

The LightSources group provides quick turn-around to OEMs large and small with specialty lamps and lighting technologies, meeting strict delivery requirements with our vast resources.  With a presence in Europe including a state-of-the-art glass factory, a location in China, and wide resources from our partner companies across the United States, we deliver cost efficient lighting solutions to companies worldwide.

Quartz Lamp Suppliers for Any Application

quartz lampWhile there are many light bulb suppliers claiming to have the products you need, only the LightSources group is recognized for providing a wide range of lighting technologies meeting critical and demanding applications.  Our experienced lighting engineers provide custom designed solutions in UV germicidal lamps, tanning lamps and a variety of quartz lamp technologies.

Our quartz lighting solutions are available in ozone generating or ozone free technologies, in either standard or high output models.  Our mercury vapor lamps offer various UV germicidal technologies at 253.7 nanometer (nm), which is most effective at eradicating bacteria, viruses and contaminants.

Quartz is stronger than glass or soft glass, providing added strength and protection against breaking.    Quartz is also known to be more resistant to solarization, which occurs when UV radiation alters the ability of optical and lamp components to transmit UV light.   Quartz lamps allow for maximum UV transmission with little absorption.  Quartz provides long lasting performance, maintaining quality output throughout a longer product life cycle.

Quartz halogen lamps are an incandescent light bulb that is enveloped in quartz rather than glass, with the filament surrounded by a halogen gas, usually iodine.  Quartz iodine lamps contain a tungsten filament with the bulb that also contains iodine.  When this reacts with the vaporized tungsten it will prevent blackening of the bulb, and produce an intense light used in applications such as car headlights.

Quartz will remain cooler than glass, providing more transparency and versatility in applications, while transmitting the maximum amount of UV radiation.   Quartz lighting technologies developed by the LightSources group produce higher luminous efficacy with maximum operating life.  Our standard and custom designed solutions will fit any application, with patented products developed with proprietary technologies.

The design and engineering team at the LightSources group understands the technology behind the products, offering specialized design consultations and assistance with developing your own patented products.

Vast Resources from Lighting Solutions Partners

LCD Lighting Provides Innovative Solutions

LCD Lighting is a recognized leader in the industry of light bulb manufacturing, providing lighting solutions for critical aircraft display applications, illuminating cockpits in Boeing aircraft and the NASA space shuttle.   LCDL is a valued partner to the LightSources group, known as an innovative manufacturer of fluorescent and miniature lighting solutions for virtually any lighting application.

Cerlux Offers Custom Designed Lamp Products

Cerlux is a valued member of the LightSources team, offering OEMs and businesses of any size custom designed products to raise your own brand awareness.  Custom design your fluorescent, UV germicidal and quartz lamps with unique custom colors in lamp bases, sockets and components.  Cerlux manufactures high quality ceramic bases and electric insulators, washers, tips, resistant grinding cylinders and many more state-of-the-art lamp components.

Cerlux performs specialty ceramic processes, firing at extremely high temperatures at 1,000°C.   Cerlux is an innovative manufacturer, recycling the heat produced from the high temperature kilns to heat their facilities and water supplies to conserve energy.   Cerlux provides custom glazing options to match your unique color scheme, providing endless options with long-lasting components offering scratch resistant, durable products.


Voltarc is a world leading producer of lighted signs with fluorescent and neon tube signs, long lamps and U-lamps, and proprietary technology such as TriLight Max fluorescent signs.  Voltarc is a valuable addition to the LightSources group, known for innovative and specialty UV curing lamps, quartz lamps, electrical wiring devices, lampholders and fluorescent lamps.

LightSources and its affiliated companies bring together the most innovative suppliers in the lighting industry, working together to provide advanced technologies with all types of lamps and specialty lamp components.  We provide quick turn-around with rapid prototyping of any type of lamp product including quartz glass and soft glass products.

LightSources and its affiliated companies – LCD Lighting, Voltarc, LightTech, and Cerlux represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today.  Our products are used worldwide and are found in a multitude of applications and industries such as our UV germicidal lamps that offer patent-protected, OEM-oriented solutions. 

Enhance your brand awareness with proprietary lighting solutions offered by LightSources and our sister company, Cerlux.  Patented and proprietary lamps are designed to showcase your logo or brand colors for uniqueness, giving you a competitive edge.   Cerlux provides custom designed ceramic components with matching end fittings and sockets.

Proprietary lighting solutions are available with our specialty fluorescent lamps, tanning lamps and UV germicidal lamps.  Our ability to offer customized and proprietary lighting solutions are one of the many reasons our clients describe our customer commitment as second to none.

Proprietary Lamp Bases and Sockets from Cerlux

Cerlux is our ceramic lamp component provider, manufacturing technical ceramic components with low-pressure injection molding.  Cerlux employs skilled engineers experienced with CAD software for three dimensional models, quality tooling, precision milling and EDM processes.

Cerlux conducts ongoing research and development, along with continual improvement projects as an ISO9001 registered company.  Environmental compliance is assured with an Environmental Management System registered to ISO14001.

Customized Specialty Fluorescent Lamp Solutions

OEMs conduct business in an ever increasingly global market. Gain a competitive edge with custom designed fluorescent lighting solutions.   The LightSources group supports OEMs to grow their aftermarket, and protect it with patented technology.  Precision manufacturers of high quality units used in computers, medical instruments and aircrafts need a way to stand out with a branded line of high-performance fluorescent lamps.

LightSources offers customized lighting solutions for specialty lamp manufacturers in any size, length or shape with proprietary phosphor blends.   Any size is available, including T5, T8, T6, T10 and T12, with patented bases and sockets designed specifically for your exclusive use.

Proprietary Tanning Lamp Solutions

With the competitive market of tanning lamps today, it pays big dividends to offer your customers something that no one else has.  The LightSources group offers proprietary phosphor blends with SolGlass® technology, combined with patented bases and sockets designed and manufactured for your unique, exclusive use.

SolGlass® is an innovative new glass technology developed by the LightSources group with proprietary phosphor blends.  Benefits of SolGlass tanning lamp technology include:

  • Short-wave UVB rays for continuous pigmentation providing long lasting gratification
  • Narrow-band UVA wavelengths for quick tanning provides instant gratification
  • Open glass technology allows increased UV transmission over other lamps, creating improved tanning effects.
  • SolGlass® is the only tanning lamp with this unique combination of UVA readings and UVB spectrum, allowing 75% of UVB energy transmission compared to 36% of comparable tanning lamps on the market.

Give your customers extraordinary tanning results with innovative technology, all meeting US and European regulations including class 3 and 0.3W/m2 sunbed regulations.  Offering advanced technology for total customer satisfaction, branded for your exclusive use gives you a tremendous competitive advantage.

Proprietary UV Germicidal Lighting Solutions

UV germicidal lamps are used in a multitude of applications, purifying water and air in commercial, medical and government facilities for improved health of occupants.  UV radiation is highly effective at eradicating bacteria and viruses from water used in water treatment systems in numerous municipalities and aboard shipsAir purification offers several advantages to hospitals and medical facilities improving the health of the medically compromised.

OEMs of these systems face an ever-increasing competitive market place with offers of inexpensive systems.  Be wary of UV solutions that do not come with the support of scientific expertise of UV radiation.  The LightSources group conducts ongoing research and development, continually improving our superior UV germicidal products, with skilled engineers possessing in-depth knowledge of the UV spectrum.  We can custom design the optimum solution for you, with UV germicidal lamps offered in varying lengths and sizes to fit your system. We can also offer this technology to you branded for your exclusive use, improving your competitive edge.

We can use your provided design, or assist you with designing a UV germicidal system, with 3D model file technology.

Benefits of Proprietary Lighting Solutions

There are numerous benefits to developing your own proprietary products, and it doesn’t take as long as you may think.  The LightSources group is experienced in patent and trademark procedures, facilitating your own proprietary project from start to finish, often in only a couple of months.

Proprietary specialty lighting and UV lamp solutions provide the following competitive advantages:

  • Revenue growth with continued sales
  • Custom lamps with unique fittings
  • Distinguishable products with identifiable pin configurations, sockets, bases or end caps
  • Custom colors to match your logo for increased brand awareness
  • Custom logo with decal or specialty etching

The LightSources group will show you how easy it is to stand out from your lighting competitors with cutting edge fluorescent and UV technology, branded with your unique corporate logo.

LightSources and our partner, Cerlux, provide customized advanced lighting technology, improving your brand awareness, sales and profit.  Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable engineer for customized lighting solutions.   

lampholdersAlong with our valued partners Voltarc and LCD Lighting, the LightSources group has developed the most advanced, high-caliber electrical wiring devices and incandescent lampholders in the industry.  Our innovative designs combined with patented technology provide superior lamp components with extraordinary long-life combined with convenient features for safety and durability.

LightSources and its affiliated companies have been designing, engineering and manufacturing customized lighting solutions for over 30 years. With vast expertise in UV germicidal lamps, UV ballast water treatment, UV air treatment, UV curing bulbs, specialty fluorescent lamps, tanning lamps, and outdoor sign products, we have the team and resources to make lamp designs a reality.

With dozens of designs and styles to choose from, LightSources offers standard or custom designed lampholders for virtually any application, indoor or outdoor with UL listed CSA approved equipment.

Ground Fault Protection

Voltarc is a leader in the lighted sign industry, with patented Dead Front housing technology to protect your equipment from ground faults.   This innovative design eliminates rivets in the face of the lampholder, completely isolating it from the ground.  A key component of this design is the Fabulex™ mounting clip manufactured from thermoplastic engineering resin with durable properties of 9,000 PSI Shear Strength and a Tensile Elongation Strength of -68° F to 158° F.

Voltarc’s patented O-rings are specially designed for long life with no drying, featuring a blue silicone treatment for water and condensation resistance which prevents bonding during re-lamping.

Kulka® IS-Series Lampholders

The Kulka IS-Series is specially designed for Electronic Sign Ballasts, with an integrated shunt design used for instant start ballasts.  The IS-Series are the only lampholders to feature new single Leadwire technology.  Patented Red-O Ring technology distinguishes this single lead wire lampholder from the two lead Blue-O Ring technology for safe and simple operation.

The Kulka IS-Series of lampholders are all UL listed with the Circle I Rating, and CSA approved.

572 & 573 Series Slimline & Cold Cathode Lampholders

Additional Kulka wiring devices offered by Voltarc include the 572 and 573 Series of Slimline Cold Cathode Lampholders.  The slimline 572 lampholder is rated for 660 Watts at 1000V, while the 573 is rated for 660 Watts at 600V.  These can be mounted with various brackets or with butt-on mounting.

All Slimline series lampholders are UL listed and CSA certified for outdoor use in enclosed signs and fixtures.

582.GDF & 583.GDF Stationary or Spring-Loaded Series

Voltarc’s 582.GDF™ and 583.GDF™ Series lampholders are Recessed Double Contact Lampholders suitable for 800 and 1500mA Lamps.  These lampholders contain no metal clips therefore there is no risk of electrical grounding or corrosion.  This stationary series of lampholders completely isolates the socket face from the ground, and features our patented Blue O-Ring technology.

The 582 and 583 series lampholders are UL listed and CSA certified for outdoor use in enclosed signs and fixtures.

530.1K & 530.2K Series Snap-In Lampholders 

Convenient lampholders such as the snap-in series from Voltarc include the 530.1K™ & 530.2K™ Series Snap-In Recessed Double Contact Lampholders for 800 and 1500mA Lamps.  The 530 series utilize a snap-in mounting system, and are rated at 660 Watts with dual rating of 600V or 1000V.

1550 Series Turn-Type Lampholders with Medium Bi-Pin

The 1550 series features medium bi-pin, in a turn type lampholder with slide-on mounting for 18 or 20-gauge panels.   These lampholders can be wired at the factory for custom specifications with length, wire or strip material.

1640 Series Slide-On Lampholders

Voltarc also features the 1640 Series Slide-On Lampholders with recessed double contacts for 800 and 1500 mA Lamps.  The 1640 Series of lampholders is ideal for outdoor application when they are enclosed properly.  Each end features slide wire horizontal contacts.

All slide-on lampholders are UL listed and CSA certified for outdoor use in enclosed signs and fixtures.

Voltarc and the LightSources group offer the most advanced lampholders in the lighting industry, with patented technology for any application.  Our lighting components are manufactured with the highest of quality processes, providing patented solutions to OEMs around the globe.  With a full line of standard components or the option to custom design your lighting solutions, we are sure to find the perfect lighting solution for your needs.

LightSources, Voltarc and LCD Lighting specialize in extraordinary design and manufacturing of specialty fluorescent lamps, low pressure UV lamps used in germicidal and UV curing applications, avionics display, and lamps used in medical applications.  Contact LightSources for long-life fluorescent lamps and wiring components used in the lighted sign industry.

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