UV Light Kills BacteriaUV light kills bacteria in many sterilization and purification systems, providing clean air and water to a multitude of applications. When ultraviolet (UV) light is emitted at the wavelength of 254 nanometer (nm), the UVC radiation is instantly effective at eradicating all harmful contaminants and microorganisms. UVC radiation at 254nm instantly penetrates the cells of these microscopic invaders within seconds of exposure, damaged the nuclei of the cells to render them harmless.

UV light kills bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), fungi, mold spores, mildew and other harmful contaminants in surface, water and air treatment systems. UV germicidal lamps provide clean and safe air in residential, commercial and industrial applications. People can enjoy clean and safe air free from harmful bacteria in their home while many businesses provide clean air in their establishment to maintain a healthy environment for their employees and the public.

It is important to provide clean air free from harmful viruses and bacteria in many commercial settings such as medical facilities, doctor offices, schools, hospitals and nursing homes. Patients with a compromised immune system are at an increased risk of contracting illness through airborne germs. A UV light air treatment system promotes health and wellness and prevents the spread of disease.

Benefits of Air Treatment Systems with UV Light to Kill Bacteria and Viruses

Many industrial settings also provide the benefits of UVC air purification to provide a healthier workplace for their employees and visitors and to comply with strict air quality codes and regulations. Many industrial applications such as rubber, plastic manufacturing and woodworking facilities produce toxic chemicals in their production processes. UV light kills these toxic airborne compounds and protects the public with safer and cleaner air.

While the health benefits are clear, breathing cleaner air into our lungs improves wellness and protects against disease, there are other benefits as well. UV light air purification systems are completely safe, with no harmful chemicals or byproducts. UV lamps in HVAC systems provide long lasting improvements in air quality with very little to no maintenance required. Keeping your HVAC and air ducts free from mold, mildew and contaminants provides added protection to your HVAC equipment for longer lasting, smooth operation.

Working with a UV lamp supplier with extensive experience in UVC germicidal technology will ensure the proper UV lights for your anti-bacterial application.

UV Light Kills Bacteria in Germicidal Applications

LightSources is recognized as an authority on UVC germicidal technology, offering patented products for long lasting UV lights which effectively kill bacteria and all harmful microorganisms. We design, engineer and manufacture UV lights used in water, surface and air sterilization systems worldwide. We provide a wide selection of Low Pressure and Medium Pressure Mercury Discharge lamps, with custom engineered solutions available.

Our Low Pressure UV germicidal lamps are similar in construction and operation to standard fluorescent lights, although the UVC lamps do not include the phosphate coating present in fluorescent lamps. This allows more UVC radiation to pass through the quartz or soda-lime glass. Low Pressure Amalgam UVC lamps provide ideal germ killing effectiveness even in applications with ambient temperature fluctuations.

Our Medium Pressure Mercury Discharge lamps emit broadband wavelengths rather than the narrowband, similar to High Intensity Discharge lamps. Consulting with an engineer is the best way to obtain the ideal UV light to kill the bacteria and harmful contaminants in your application. The LightSources Group consists of the leading high-tech lamps designers available, offering expertise and an understanding of the technology behind UVC germicidal technology combined with superior lamp construction.

LightSources assists businesses across a wide range of industries including municipalities in obtaining highly effective germ killing sanitation in many purification systems. We offer UV light sterilization to wastewater treatment facilities, ballast water treatment systems, reclamation applications. Our UV lights are used to kill bacteria in restaurants, grocery stores, food and beverage processing plants and many other commercial and industrial applications. Our UV lamps are proven to improve processes with effective, high performance which outlasts comparable lamps, for maximum energy savings and cost efficiency.

UV Germicidal Lamps
LAMP Applications:
UV Germicidal Applications

The LightSources Group is recognized as a leading global authority and provider of high-tech UV lamps and quality lamp products developed from experienced and skilled engineers. We partner with OEMs large and small to design, engineer and manufacture proprietary, custom designed lamps which enhance your process. Contact us today to learn more about our wide selection of UV lights to kill bacteria and viruses for use in any UVC germicidal application.

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