The life sciences industry, which includes pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical device markets, requires a high level of water disinfection. Germicidal UVC technology is an efficient and cost-effective method that not only disinfects water, but also reduces TOCs and destroys ozone and chlorine/chloramines. This technology can be used in both pre-treatment and process streams.

Light Sources and LightTech’s standard (425mA) and high output (800mA) lamps are used in life science germicidal applications throughout the world. Our strategic partnership offers products of the highest-level of performance in purifying water to the exacting standards required for the life sciences industry. Germicidal UVC lamps add no odor, taste or harmful byproducts.  At the wavelength of 254nm, germicidal lamps use only UVC to destroy micro-organisms and remove chemical compounds in the water, making it a safe and environmentally-sound technology.

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