In aqua culture, germicidal UVC technology is a safe and economical method for maintaining a healthy operating environment free of pathogenic micro-organisms that can adversely affect the controlled ecosystem. This method of water treatment can be used for both freshwater and saltwater applications and serves to prevent disease and increase production.

Both aquaculture and aquariums offer a significant opportunity for growth in the germicidal UVC market. Without the use of chemicals or the production of harmful byproducts, our germicidal lamps safely and efficiently disinfect water by killing lethal organisms, such as the myxozoan parasite, with UVC radiation at a wavelength of 254nm. UVC is absorbed by the pathogen’s DNA, making it ineffective at reproducing, without any harm to marine life or vegetation. This wavelength can also remove chlorine and destroy ozone with the added benefit of controlling algae growth.

Light Sources and LightTech’s high output quartz germicidal lamps and low pressure amalgam lamps are used in aqua culture farms and aquariums worldwide.

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