Germicidal UVC technology is a safe and effective alternative to chlorine-based disinfectants, which have harmful and irritating side effects.

Chlorine reacts with ammonia- and nitrogen-based compounds, creating chloramines which are responsible for the strong odor. Chloramines cause skin and eye irritations and create a chemical off-gas that is unhealthy to breathe. This off-gas also can potentially corrode pool structures

Light Sources and LightTech’s strategic partnership offers medium pressure high power lamps disinfect pool water and reduce chemical compounds, such as chloramines.  Our germicidal lamps can generate UV radiation at 185nm and 254 nm. At the 254nm wavelength, UVC is absorbed by the organism’s DNA, eliminating its ability to reproduce. Radiation at 185nm produces ozone, which is active oxygen. Ozone is one of the most effective natural bactericides and can kill almost every form of virus. Radiation at 254nm is an effective sanitizer, even oxidizing body oil, urine, perspiration, fecal matter, and cosmetics. It can prevent and destroy chloramines by breaking down the N-CL bonds and by forming oxidizing hydroxyl radicals.

Other benefits of ozone include the elimination of foam and scum lines and rapid disinfection – working 3,000 times faster than chlorine. It is gentle to spas, pools, and equipment and will not affect pH levels or add any perceptible odors or colors. Ozone combines small, insoluble particles, making larger particles that can be trapped by filters.

We would be happy to customize a system to meet your equipment dimensions and specifications.

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