Our germicidal lamps are used in the water reclamation process to assure that water leaving the facility meets strict regulations. Once purified, the water can be safely recycled for different applications. Most reclaimed water is used for non-potable purposes, such as toilet water, cooling water for power plants, concrete mixing, artificial lake supply, and irrigation.

Recycled from domestic wastewater, rainwater, and industrial process water, reclaimed water is a critical component in sensible water management. Water reclamation contributes to the health of the environment by helping to keep pollution out of sensitive eco-systems and by decreasing the amount of contaminants that flow into natural bodies of water.

Light Sources and LightTech’s strategic partnership offers medium pressure standard lamps and medium pressure high power lamps are used in municipal and domestic applications worldwide to disinfect, sanitize and oxidize reclaimed water, as well as to reduce TOCs and chloride/chloramines.  Our germicidal lamps can generate UV radiation at 185nm and 254 nm – the combination of which is necessary for the photo oxidation of organic compounds. Radiation at 185nm produces ozone, which is active oxygen. Ozone is one of the most effective natural bactericides and can kill almost every form of virus. Radiation at 254nm is an effective sanitizer. At this wavelength, UVC is absorbed by the organism’s DNA, eliminating its ability to reproduce.

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UV Germicidal Lamps

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