UV Light Disinfection Water TreatmentIndustrial UV light disinfection water treatment systems are found in a multitude of industries and processes and require high quality UV germicidal lamps. UV germicidal lamps must be constructed with quality components and designed for specific wavelength emissions to comply with clean water quality standards. UV light disinfection technology is proven to disinfect by deactivating pathogenic organisms to prevent waterborne diseases.

LightSources is a leading global supplier of high-quality UV germicidal lamps used in a wide range industrial applications. The engineers at LightSources understand UV radiation and offer low-pressure and medium pressure germicidal lamps designed with patented technology. Our germicidal lamps offer solutions for reliable UV light water treatment systems to treat waste water produced from a wide range of industrial processes with various contaminants and concentrations.

UV Germicidal Specifications

Effective UV light disinfection requires germicidal lamps emitting wavelengths in the range between 250 nm to 260 nm, with 254nm the ideal wavelength to penetrate the nucleic acid, the DNA, of harmful cells. UV radiation alters the DNA in these organisms which inactivates them and impedes reproduction. UV light disinfection does not remove these organisms from water, it simply inactivates them and renders them harmless.

The LightSources Group offers a wide selection of standard sizes of:

  • Low pressure Mercury discharge germicidal lamps
  • Medium pressure Mercury discharge germicidal lamps
  • Standard quartz germicidal lamps
  • High output quartz germicidal lamps
  • Low pressure Amalgam lamps
  • Spot and pellet Amalgam lamps

LightSources offers a wide selection of these many types of germicidal lamps along with custom designed sizes available. Low pressure germicidal lamps are designed with either quartz or soda-lime glass to emit either 185 nm for ozone producing lamps or 253.7 nm germicidal lamps.

Medium pressure UV germicidal lamps are generally used for larger applications and emit approximately 15 to 20 times the germicidal UV intensity of low-pressure lamps. Medium pressure UV germicidal lamps require a higher energy consumption and operate at higher temperatures, although disinfect faster with greater penetration capability due to higher intensity.

UV Light Disinfection Water Treatment Requirements

UV light disinfection water treatment effectiveness depends upon the lamp intensity, the exposure time as well as the

general condition of the water. The exposure time is referred to as “microwatt-seconds per square centimeter”, or uwatt-sec/cm^2, with the US Department of Health and Human Services establishing a minimum exposure time of 16,000 µwatt-sec/cm^2 for UV disinfection systems. LightSources manufacturers germicidal lamps which meet specific wavelength requirements and intensities far exceeding this requirement, as most lamp manufacturers today provide 30,000 to 50,000 µwatt-sec/cm^2.

Various bacteria, viruses, mold spores and algae require varying exposure time for germicidal effectiveness. For example, the irradiation time to inactivate the following microorganisms with 254 nm of exposure at 30,000 µwatt-sec/cm^2 varies from nearly a half a second for some bacteria to over 6 seconds for certain types of algae:

  • Bacteria eliminated with UV light disinfection with seconds of required exposure:
    • Mycobacterium Tuberculosis .41
    • Streptococcus Haemolyticus .45
    • Salmonella Typhimurium 0.53
  • Viruses:
    • Hepatitis B Virus .73
    • Influenza .23
    • Rotavirus SA 11 .52
  • Mold Spores:
    • Penicillium Roqueforti 0.87 – 2.93
    • Manure Fungi 8
  • Algae:
    • Protozoa 4 – 6.70
    • Nematode Eggs 3.4
    • Blue-Green Algae 10 ¨C 40

The LightSources Group manufacturers high-quality germicidal lamps which meet and far exceed intensity requirements. UV light disinfection for water treatment requires high quality lamps, proper exposure time, pretreatment of water and a system designed for proper maintenance and replacement of lamps. UV disinfection is considered as a primary mechanism to inactivate and destroy pathogenic organisms to prevent exposure of waterborne diseases to users downstream and to the environment.

Industrial Benefit of UV Water Treatment

The industrial applications which benefit from UV light disinfection are far too many to list as UV light plays an integral part in a wide range of industries. Some industries require ultrapure water in their applications while other industries are required to clean their wastewater prior to disposing. Industries which use UV radiation to clean and purify water for their industrial use include many medical processes, pharmaceutical, laboratory and research applications as well as optical manufacturing processes.

Ultraviolet light does more than just disinfect, it reduces hydrocarbon compounds in water which is essential in the microelectronic industry such as in semiconductor manufacturing applications. While many people think of medical, pharmaceutical and electronic production applications there are many other industrial uses for UV light disinfection of water which include:

  • Medical, pharmaceutical, life sciences – hospitals, laboratories, medical research facilities, optical production, nursing homes, pharmaceutical, biotechnology
  • Electrical – semiconductor manufacturing, power generation, cooling towers
  • Food and beverage industry – food industry, dairy reprocessing, bottling facilities, bottled water, bottled beer and wine, soft drinks, fruit juices, liquid sugar storage facilities, sweeteners
  • Aquaculture – fish hatcheries, marine life, ballast water treatment systems
  • Recreational water applications – water parks, spas, swimming pools

The LightSources Group is experienced in designing, engineering and manufacturing UV germicidal lamps to meet germicidal effectiveness and requirements in these industries and many others. We offer high tech germicidal lamps developed with proprietary technology, proven to outlast and outperform comparable lamps. Our skilled lighting engineers provide custom design solutions with custom phosphor blends, custom lamp ballasts and components to meet virtually any lamp or lighting requirement. We offer ozone producing lamps for germicidal effectiveness combined with odor control as well as lamps designed for TOC ozone reduction applications.

The LightSources Group provides high quality, high tech UV lamps to meet germicidal requirements in a broad range of industries and applications. We are committed to high quality control along with research and development to deliver first to market lamps and lighting solutions. Contact us to learn more about our germicidal solutions and high-tech lamps designed for UV light disinfection water treatment.